Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in Phoenix, Arizona

Martin T. Cole CFP, ChFC, CLU, AAMS, Financial Advisor from Phoenix, Arizona

Financial Peace of Mind! Let the Client Focused Advisors of Cole Wealth Management develop a personalized financial plan and investment strategy to guide you to your goals. At Cole Wealth Management, we specialize in providing financial simplicity and peace of mind for executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, retirees and business entities...

David Rosenthal, CFP, Financial Advisor from Phoenix, Arizona

If you are an entrepreneur with your own business or thinking about selling your business, a corporate executive with complex company benefits, a divorcee figuring out your finances, or looking to retire soon then my experience will be of benefit to you. Each type of client I work with has a unique set of circumstances and needs, but the common t...

David A. Gray CFP, CRPC, Financial Advisor from Phoenix, Arizona

With increasingly complex and unpredictable financial markets and longer life expectancies, working with an investment professional is more important than ever....

Bob Burger, Financial Advisor from Phoenix, Arizona

NO COMMISSIONED ADVISORS WITH OVER 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Step by step, we show you what to do to improve your financial situation including tax planning, investment management, retirement planning and ...

John J. Chichester, Jr. , Financial Advisor from Phoenix, Arizona

Gain from an independent perspective. Chichester Wold Financial, LLC is an independently owned financial consulting firm with more than 17 years of dedicated personalized service to our clients. Our ...

Selecting the Right Advisor

The Definitive Guide to selecting the right financial advisor for your needs.

Are You A Financial Advisor?

Must Have

  • Minimum 5 years of Experience
  • 5 year clear FINRA/SEC record
  • Must be Fee Based or Fee Only