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To reach your financial goal is like a trip. You need to drive your financial planning through challenges and obstacle to reach the destination of financial security. Financial planning is complex and it requires considering lot of investment choice and factors. Financial planning depends from person to person, financial planning of one individual may not suite others. But everyone wants to secure their financial future. Thus, it makes sense to consult a financial planning for individual to shape and build your financial goals. No matter if you want to retire early, buy a house, want to plan for your childs education or want to look after ageing parents and whatever ambitions, you need to have a structured personal financial plans in order to employ your money effectively to achieve your personal desires. Important things to be kept in mind while considering individual financial planning is about time frame to achieve your financial goal, identification of risk, your liquidity needs, expected growth of income and standard of living. Financial planners truly empower you to achieve your goal by considering your important conditions. Financial planners develop a tailored plan to your individual needs. Whether you are retired, need college funding for your kids or just want to maximize your wealth you need a financial planner on every step. Financial planner collects your financial data, determine the objectives, analyze and frame financial plan, make recommendation, implement and finally review it to provide you the fullest financial security. Good financial planner can reduce the stress involved I managing your individual financial planning so that you will have better control on your money and will be able to make more effective financial decisions.

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Only Half of Teens Say Gaining Financial Independence from Parents is a Goal for the Future.

Financial Literacy Month Survey by Junior Achievement and AIG Delves into Teens Concerns about Money and Plans for the Future   Colorado Springs, CO  April 4, 2018  A new survey by Junior Achievement USA and AIG finds that only half of teens cite becoming financially independent of parents as one of their future goals. The 2018 JA Teens & Personal Finance Survey offers insight into how this generation is thinking about and planning for their financial future while emphasizing the... more

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Why Having a Budget Will Increase Your Wealth

Are you concerned about your finances? On a general scale, nearly forty-nine percent of Americans are either fearful, anxious or concerned about their current financial situation, and nearly half are living paycheck to paycheck.This statistic comes as no surprise when only one third of Americans maintain some type of budget or have a long-term financial management plan in place.   Individual financial planning can be complicated,especially when you have already accumulated debt or are... more