Why I'll teach my kids how to manage their money

Why I'll teach my kids how to manage their money

I came across this article titled How to Teach Your Kids Money Management and I thought about how important it is to teach children about their finances early. Personally, I cared about saving money at a younger age and it has helped me immensely to this day.

I have a friend who has a 37-year-old aunt who still lives with her mother because the aunt always went out to have fun and never saved for her future. Also, only about half of my friends have a savings account, and that's very concerning, considering they are all in their 20s.

These situations could have been avoided if their parents taught them about money management when they were younger. I see a lot of parents who fail to teach their kids that sacrificing some fun in the present can lead to a better financial life in the future.

My biggest worry is that my daughter will save just enough for the latest gaming system or other gadget, then blow all of her money on that shiny new toy. I think kids should never spend more than 50% of savings for any one item. Actually, adults should follow this rule as well, with the exception of the purchase of a house, car or college tuition costs. If a child learns to save at a young age, she could buy a car when she gets her license, or even have a nice down payment for a home later in life.

I hope to teach my daughter about savings and money management at an early age so she avoids any unfortunate financial situations in the future.

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