• Education-Planning

    Self-employment can be rewarding. You are your boss. You make your rules. You earn more, enjoy greater flexibility, and your work satisfaction level is high. And while all this can sometimes come at the cost of long hours, stress, and years of struggle, in most cases, the benefits of self-employment outweigh the cons. In the ...
  • Tips to adapt your education planning in the pandemic era

    In an interview to Forbes Magazine, Dave Ressner, a wealth advisor and education planning specialist revealed that in a survey taken in March 2020, 36% of college presidents were convinced that this academic year was going to be ‘disrupted in some way.’ The world has taken a very different route in the last couple of ...
  • Impact Of COVID-19 On Schools And 529 Plans

    The COVID-19 crisis has changed the entire social system and functioning. Schools, in this regard, have been the worst hit with no certainty on when they can resume operations. While educational institutions remain closed, many may fear that they might not be able to survive the pandemic due to lack of funds. In such times, ...
  • The Effect of a 529 Plan on Financial Aid

    Many parents establish a 529 savings account for their children’s future higher education. However, there is a notable concern associated with it. A 529 account can have an adverse effect on a student’s eligibility for need-based federal financial aid. These implications primarily depend on two factors: Ownership of the account Distributions and withdrawals A comprehensive ...
  • Free Savings for College

    Costs associated with colleges are increasing with every passing year. This makes saving for higher education a challenge. It is hard for parents to make last-minute arrangements for tuition fees, books, accommodation, etc. Many people also do not want their children to suffer under the burden of hefty education loans. Therefore, it becomes imperative to ...
  • A Student Loan

    Inflation and increased expenses have always been a matter of concern. With the cost of healthcare, automobile, and groceries skyrocketing, the education sector isn’t far behind, either. Higher education expenses have become quite an obstacle for parents these days. The government, however, has provided several provisions for students who wish to continue their studies. There ...