• Free Savings for College

    Costs associated with colleges are increasing with every passing year. This makes saving for higher education a challenge. It is hard for parents to make last-minute arrangements for tuition fees, books, accommodation, etc. Many people also do not want their children to suffer under the burden of hefty education loans. Therefore, it becomes imperative to ...
  • A Student Loan

    Inflation and increased expenses have always been a matter of concern. With the cost of healthcare, automobile, and groceries skyrocketing, the education sector isn’t far behind, either. Higher education expenses have become quite an obstacle for parents these days. The government, however, has provided several provisions for students who wish to continue their studies. There ...
  • 529-Plan

    529 plans are designed to facilitate savings for higher education. However, it must be noted that these plans are designed not only for the benefit of children but for anyone who wants to undertake a qualified educational course. This implies that children are not the only ones benefiting from these plans. Parents can also utilize ...
  • 529-Plan-Withdrawal-Tips

    Education is a basic need, and it is a fairly expensive one. But it is possible to effectively manage the enormous cost of college without hurting your pocket.  Savings accounts such as a 529 plan can help parents incur these costs and avail significant benefits. A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan which provides ...
  • Roth-IRA-Vs-529-Plan

    Most parents want to provide the best educational opportunities to their children. It is quite disheartening if they fail to do so due to lack of funds. Thus, one of the most important reasons for parents to save is to fund their children’s college education. College funding can be a confusing task with numerous financial ...
  • Plan-to-save-for-your-child

    Savings are a great way to ensure that your future remains stable and secure.  When we talk about future savings, we often neglect planning for a very important event, i.e. college. With the increasing debt of student loans, planning for education funds is an important part of today’s economy.  But surprisingly, according to a survey, ...
  • Higher-Education

    Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America, rightly said –  An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. From the day you become a parent, everything in your life revolves around the betterment of your child. And yet, unfortunately many American parents do not put in enough thought towards their child’s education fund. ...
  • Education-expenses

    Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and 529 plans or education savings account (ESA) are always kept on the far ends of the financial planning spectrum. While IRAs and 401 (k)s are a common investment tool for retirement planning, 529 plans and ESAs are considered the obvious choice for education funds. In this article, we are going ...