• Dividend-on-investment

    Dividends are a company’s way of sharing their profits with investors who stay put with their investments over a considerable period of time. Dividends are a reliable source of income for many investors and are offered by various instruments like bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and other securities. They also hold a special place in an ...
  • Safety-First-Retirement

    Safety delineates all aspects of life and hence, should be carefully reflected upon in your financial plans as well. Same is the case with the safety-first retirement planning. The approach is driven towards safeguarding your financial and economic life before considering post-retirement luxuries like travel, etc. In other words, it focuses on the essentials. Let’s ...
  • Post-Retirement-Income

    Most people aim to have a steady and peaceful post-retirement life. They spend their formative years trying to find ways to save up for their retirement. However, working hard is not the only prerequisite for a secure future. You also need a smart post-retirement strategy in place. Having a strategy ensures a lasting and steady ...