• Portfolio

    The world of investment is complicated. Whether you are a novice or seasoned investor, the financial world can be intimidating. However, the ultimate key to successful investing is diversification. Diversification is an effective portfolio management strategy where your funds are invested across different securities to minimize risk and maximize profits in the long term. The ...
  • investment---grade-bonds

    In today’s world, investment is an integral part of our lives. Working hard isn’t good enough and making one’s money work equally hard is more essential to build a handsome corpus over time. Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, precious metals, commodities, REIT, and bank savings schemes, among many others, are some investment options available to a ...
  • Recession

    Recession is defined as a prolonged period of decline in economic activity. Typically, if the economy suffers from two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product or GDP, it is considered to be in recession. As per businessman and financial commentator, Jim Rogers, recession is an unavoidable part of the market, and hits the economy ...