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Educational Planning

Saving for College


5 College Savings Plans that Could Save You Money

If you’ve got kids, it’s time to start planning for their education — even if they’re still in diapers.   The cost of a college education these days (average yearly tuition for 2013-2014) ranges from $8,000 for in-state public college students to $30,000 for private college students, and historically rises faster than the level of inflation. Given that harsh reality, your best strategy is to develop a savings plan early — as in, by your child’s first... more

Financial Aid


Understanding Your Finances After Your Child Is Accepted to College

If you are planning to help finance your child's college education, here are some practical tips that can help reduce your burden. By Paula Pant.   When your child gets an acceptance letter to college, you might feel excited – but also worried about money.   College can be a huge expense. The idea of paying five-figures per school year might leave you feeling overwhelmed.   If you... more