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Educational Planning

Financial Aid


Understanding Your Finances After Your Child Is Accepted to College

If you are planning to help finance your child's college education, here are some practical tips that can help reduce your burden. By Paula Pant.   When your child gets an acceptance letter to college, you might feel excited – but also worried about money.   College can be a huge expense. The idea of paying five-figures per school year might leave you feeling overwhelmed.   If you... more

Saving for College


Should You Save for Retirement or Pay for College?

Your kids are about to go to college. Your retirement's round the corner too. If you don't have enough time and money to reach your ideal financial goals for both college and retirement, one goal will need to take priority. By Paula Pant.   When you hold your first child for the first time, 18 years sounds like a long time. You assume you'll be able to save for college in that length of time. After all, it's almost two decades away, right?   Not really. Life's other expenses... more