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About Carr Wealth Management

Making a decision to seek financial advice as a means to help realize financial goals is a major step. The needs of todays investor include advice in various financial areas that can go beyond asset allocation strategies.Todays planning needs are expanding as a result of changing demographics and the COVID19 pandemic which remains a major upheaval in our daily lives. Questions such as the following are increasingly common for todays individuals who are in, or close to retirement, and need advice. What type of financial plan do I have for my future? When should I take social security benefits? How can I maximize total social security benefits between my spouse and me? Should I sell my residence and move to a smaller house? What are my projected taxes if I do so? What are the tax effects of converting my personal residence into a rental? Or converting my rental into a personal residence? Should I diversify my assets away from rental property as I get older? Should I consider a Roth

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