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About Pettinelli Financial Partners

Our Value Promise Our people, process, and passion inspire us to holistically serve our client families. Personalization Our clients are smarter, more educated, and have access to more information than ever before. We believe that they deserve planning and service specific to their unique situation. From day one, we learn about our clients priorities and intentions so that their financial planand the investments and protection strategies thereinare driven by the clients inimitable circumstances and goals. Reviews Too often, we hear from prospective clients that they did not have frequent enough contact with their previous advisors. Our standard practice is to meet with clients on an annual basis. Some clients warrant quarterly and semiannual reviews, but every client is given the opportunity to sit with a member of our planning team to review their financial strategy on a yearly basis. The review process is the cornerstone of one of our major principles: long-term accountability

General Information

Services:   Financial Planning, Business Succession Planning, Retirement Income Planning, Estate Planning Strategies, Creation & Conservation, Education Savings Planning, 401(k) Planning & Rollovers for Individuals, 401(k) Plan Design & Maintenance for Business, Domestic Partnership Financial Planning, Independent Fee-Based Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, Professionally Managed Separate Accounts, Mutual Funds, 529 Education Savings Plans, Annuities, Long-Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Business Development Companies

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