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James Anadon
Caitlin John DBA: Olivia Wealth Management

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Caitlin John DBA: Olivia Wealth Management | Financial Advisor in Reedley ,CA

Your journey, Your dreams, Our expertise

About James Anadon

Born in the Bay Area, I was forced to seek stability and dance with uncertainty from an early age in the foster care system. My ability to listen, comprehend, and tailor creative financial strategies to protect and grow the wealth of my clients have been a direct result of my life experiences.

After sharpening my skills at a major Wall Street firm in the Bay Area, I realized that my personal and professional standards were better aligned with an independent, comprehensive, and holistic firm to better serve my clients' best interests. As your trusted advisor, listening to you and your family's dreams and values gives me the depth of understanding to guide our investment decisions.

I currently reside in California with my wife, Letty, and our daughter, Olivia, plus one on the way. Collectively, we thrive to live intentionally. My intent is to inspire, equip, and teach our kids to have a heart to serve others. In our leisure time you can find us on the hunt for the best sushi spot, visiting our favorite hiking trails, or soaking up the sun at the beach.

About Caitlin John DBA: Olivia Wealth Management

We are a family centered Investment Management and holistic Financial Planning firm that believes there is no cookie cutter plan or investment approach for everybody.

It is our mission to be intentional about learning your story so we can carefully tailor a financial blueprint and investment plan that fits your unique goals and needs. In other words, we grow together.

Olivia Wealth Management specializes in quality and holistic Financial planning, Tax planning, Retirement planning, Equity based compensation strategies, and customized investment strategies for individuals, families, and businesses. We do this by leveraging the best technologies available to make your experience personable and convenient.

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General Information

Firm Start Year:   2010
No. of Employees:   20-49
Name of Custodial Firm:   TD Ameritrade Institutional
States Licensed in:   CA,TX
Number of Years with Current Firm:   1
Work Experience:   I Started my career at Morgan Stanley in San Francisco and upon sharpening my skills there I left to receive more training on the portfolio management and custom investment strategy segment of financial services. I helped start an investment management arm for a boutique Registered Investment Advisor practice where I was the sole portfolio manager for client assets. In this position I also honed in on my skills of financial planning and advanced planning.

I have recently stepped away from that firm to start a new family practice naming the organization after my first daughter, Olivia Wealth Management. Although the organization is new, I have been creatively and successfully serving clients for over a decade in both portfolio management and financial planning.
Work with the following types of clients:   Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Investment Clubs, Individual Investors
Advisory Services Provided:   Financial Advice & Consulting, Investment Advice & Management, Estate Planning & Trusts, Insurance Products & Annuities, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, 401K Rollovers, Wealth Management, Money Management, Risk Management, Education Funding and Planning, Financial Planning for Individuals, Financial Planning for Businesses, Tax Advice and Services, Portfolio Management


Investment Types:   Mutual Funds, Alternative Investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Insurance, Annuities, Stocks, Bonds, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)
Can meet clients in the following ways:   Phone, Email, Video Conference, Your Home, Your Office

Firm Information

Firm's Number of Clients:   579
Firm's Number of Planning Clients:   0
Firm's Number of Managed Clients:   579
Assets Managed by Firm:   $250,000,000
Advisor's Number of Clients:   57
Advisor's Number of Managed Clients:   32
Advisor's Number of Planning Clients:   25
Assets Managed by Advisor:   $7,000,000

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:   Fee-Based
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts:   $100,000
Compensation Methods:   Based on Assets, Hourly
Fee % Based on Assets:   1.25
Additional Details on Charges:   When it comes to investment management I have a minimum account size of $100,000 and my initial cost starts at 1.25% annually; However, as the portfolio value grows, the management cost declines. As an investment client, financial planning and advisory are covered by the account management cost.

As a financial planning client I have a minimum charge of $500 which covers three hours of planning. If the plan is more complex needing more than three hours I have price breaks to make the planning cost affordable without sacrificing quality.
Minimum Fee Charged for Managed Accounts:   $0
Minimum Fee Charged for Hourly Planning Accounts:   $500


baccalaureate  - Economics   San Francisco State University  - San Francisco
baccalaureate  - Finance and Econmics   Grand Canyon University  - Arizona

Financial Services

Portfolio Management

We have two different styles of portfolio management. The first utilizes fundamental investment analysis to build an efficient portfolio. The second utilizes both fundamental and technical investment analysis. This is an adaptive risk management strategy that dials down risk and dials risk up when appropriate. Both strategies are globally diversified and are invested based on your personal risk tolerance.

Retirement Planning

Retirement and Financial Planning are all done through our planning software. To get started, we will need to discover what all of your goals are, then we will start compiling all assets and liabilities. Once we have the data in the system we will start running "what-if" scenarios and start building out the best plan. Once we know the correct path for you and your family I will deliver the plan with an action item list. Next, we execute. As time goes on, when things change we will update your plan.

401K Rollovers

Let us help you to determine what option is best for your 401k. We will cover all options available with all costs and benefits associated. Once we know how to help we can walk you through the process and help you invest.

Risk Management

In terms of risk management we have many solutions. For some an insurance product might be the correct option. For others, an adaptive investment risk management strategy may be the best fit.


Why should I choose you as my financial advisor?

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What are your qualifications? What is your education background?

I started my career at Morgan Stanley in San Francisco and while sharpening my skills there I completed a college degree in Finance and Economics. Upon leaving Morgan Stanley, I kept my focus on custom portfolio construction, custom investment strategies, and financial planning. Prior to starting Olivia Wealth Management, I helped start the investment management arm of an RIA in San Francisco. In that position we grew from $0 to $60 Million in assets under management. I was sole Portfolio Manager for the firm. Our investment management strategies have a heavy focus on a combination of both Technical Analysis and fundamental portfolio construction. Both utilized together as compliments are used on a daily basis to manage clients money in what we call an adaptive risk management strategy.

How do you charge for your services?

We charge based on what you need as a client. If you are only looking for advisory or financial planning we can charge by the hour or by the project depending on its complexity. When it comes to investment management the cost is wrapped up into one transparent cost. If investment management is what you need the Financial Planning and Advisory is all covered by the investment management cost. No hidden fees and no upselling.

How are you compensated? How will I pay for your services?

We charge based on what you need as a client. If you are only looking for advisory or financial planning we can charge by the hour or by the project depending on its complexity. When it comes to investment management the cost is wrapped up into one transparent cost. If investment management is what you need the Financial Planning and Advisory is all covered by the investment management cost. No hidden fees and no upselling.

If you are going to manage my account, will you obtain my permission every time you buy or sell something?

Our investment process is discretionary. Meaning we have a strategy that we stick to and your account is managed in that strategy based on your risk tolerance and what we have agreed to. Although we do not obtain permission to make a change on a regular basis we will always explain our justification in our monthly update. There are special circumstances that we will seek your approval. Some of these may be due to owning something that may be against you morally or if there are specific tax ramifications that may effect you personally.



WiserAdvisor provides referrals to financial professionals. WiserAdvisor is not a current client of advisor or advisory services. Financial professionals pay cash compensation for these referrals, which creates the incentive for WiserAdvisor to make these referrals, resulting in a conflict of interest.

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Asset Management and Investment Advisory Services provided by the Investment Advisor Representatives of Olivia Wealth Management are offered through Caitlin John Private Wealth Management LLC., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor Firm, headquartered at 1024 E. Grand River Ave, Brighton, Michigan 48116 / Toll-Free 877-238-1680. Olivia Wealth Management and Caitlin John, LLC. are separate entities and are not affiliated. In general, as related to investing and investment strategies, there is potential for profit as well as the possibility of loss, including the loss of Principal. Past performance does not guarantee future returns. Investors should thoroughly evaluate their financial goals, objectives, and risk tolerance with their Advisor before investing.


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