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Finances can be complicated. Especially when youre juggling the advice of multiple professionals across several firms. Having a CPA in one office and a CFP® professional in another can leave you feeling frustrated  and for good reason. You shouldn't have to play the role of mediator between financial professionals, but sometimes it can feel like your only option. On a mission to demystify finance, eliminate time-based fees, and provide truly integrated financial services  Eckhoff and Company & Eckhoff Wealth Management offer a comprehensive tax, advisory and financial planning experience to clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team of licensed, highly credentialed professionals are committed to a team-based approach that puts your needs front-and-center. We offer so much more than custom strategies and fiduciary service. We deliver integrated communication and seamless collaboration across multiple facets of your financial life  all under one roof. Visit our other

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Services:   Individual Tax and Planning, Business Tax and Advising, Business Audit and Assurance, Investment Management, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Exit and Transition Planning

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