First Command Financial Advisor
Bruce Fike

Tel: 719-465-5555
615 Wooten Road
Ste 130
Colorado Springs, Colorado  80915
First Command Financial Advisor - Bruce Fike | Financial Advisor in Colorado Springs,Colorado

About First Command Financial Advisor - Bruce Fike

As a First Command Financial Advisor, I am committed to helping clients consistently make the smart, informed financial decisions that are essential to the pursuit of long-term financial security. I chose this profession because I believe it gives me the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of the people I work with. Experience has taught me that the biggest obstacle to financial security for most people is their own behavior. Thats why I seek to form trusting, long term relationships with clients, serving as their personal financial coach by: 1. Helping them set specific and meaningful goals that are aligned with their values 2. Providing them with a comprehensive, personalized plan for effectively pursuing their goals 3. Encouraging and motivating them to adopt and consistently practice the productive financial behaviors necessary to successfully execute their plan 4. Making strategic adjustments in their plan as their circumstances and goals evolve over time I don

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