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Even in a safe harbor, a ship needs an anchor.

About Anchor Wealth Managment

As with any long journey, we begin wealth management planning with the end in mind. By understanding where you want to be when the journey ends, we are better able to chart the course as your financial advisors. And while we can never predict all of the bumps and diversions, we can better prepare for them.

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General Information

Firm Start Year:   2010
No. of Employees:   10-19
Advisory Services Provided:   Financial Planning for Businesses, Financial Planning for Individuals, Education Funding and Planning, Risk Management, Money Management, Wealth Management, 401K Rollovers, Retirement Planning, Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Insurance Products & Annuities, Estate Planning & Trusts, Investment Advice & Management, Financial Advice & Consulting, Tax Advice and Services

Qualifications & Memberships

Insurance and Annuity Licenses:   Annuity, Disability, Variable Annuity, Life, Long Term Care

Firm Information

Firm's Number of Clients:   1400
Assets Managed by Firm:   $400,000,000

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:   Fee-Based
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts:   $0


How are you compensated? How will I pay for your services?

The investment for our services is a percentage of the assets that we manage. The better you do the better we will do. We are fiduciaries and therefore sit on the same side of the table.

Will you be the only person working with me?

An Anchor Wealth Management core value is collaboration. You will work with a financial advisor and be assigned a client relationship manager. Other AWM team members will behind the scenes assist in your end result but the communication between you and our team will run through either your advisor or client relationship manager. Collaboration allows us to communicate to client questions promptly which we feel our clients appreciate.

What is your approach to financial planning?

Our clients all receive a comprehensive financial plan. We start with the end in mind and work backwards to ensure that you reach your financial independence and will not run out of money in retirement. Financial plans are built for all new clients of the firm. Included in our services is updating your financial plan on an annual basis as we understand that life happens and goals will need to be changed.

What is your approach to 401 K plan rollovers?

I believe you can leave your job, but you should not leave your 401(k). My experience shows that more often than not leaving a 401(k) behind at a former employer or rolling over the old 401(k) to the new employer plan restricts investment choices which reduces diversification opportunities. Often people are so busy managing their life that they forget to check in on old 401(k) plans to make necessary adjustments over time. We analyze each situation individually and each situation is different however rolling over your 401(k) if you are seeking personalized financial planning is often the right move.



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