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Rochester, New York  14614
Boyd Capital Management | Financial Advisor in Rochester,New York

About Boyd Capital Management

Weve seen financial institutions grow bigger and merge together. Weve seen regulations become more confusing. Weve seen Main Street investors become more frustrated at a system that feels rigged to benefit Wall Street. We know youve seen this too.  Boyd Capital Management was born to provide an answer to this unrest and confusion. We believe that good financial advice is born out of independent thought with the customers interests 100% at heart. We believe that Main Street investors can win by cutting through the complexities to find an investment strategy that serves their goals. We believe in providing elite service but we fight against elitism. We believe everyone should have access to understanding financial fundamentals.   At Boyd Capital Management, we believe that no one should be left out of a discussion or service that can benefit their familys fortunes.

General Information

Year Established:   2021
Services:   Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Advisory, Education Planning, Tax Strategy, Insurance Planning, Employee Benefit Analysis, Estate Planning

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