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About Turner Capital Investments, LLC

Turner Capital Investments, LLC is a registered investment advisory, founded in 2008 by Mike Turner, who holds the position of president and Chief Trading Strategist. The company serves clients throughout the US with multiple investment strategies that are designed to grow client portfolios in strong up or down trending markets, and protect client portfolios from major losses in bear markets.

Clients hire us for two primary reasons: 1) To generate profits in bull-trending markets, and 2) To keep them from significant losses in bear-trending markets.

We take a disciplined, long-term approach to investing. A week-over-week analysis of the market helps reduce noise and temporary market anomalies. We rely on mathematically derived assessments of whether the market is in a bull-trend, neutral-trend, or bear-trend. We adjust our investment bias to match the market and always have an exit strategy in place each for client holding, just in case the market reverses unexpectedly.

We have rules for every market condition and do not rely upon analyst opinions or specialist forecasts. We measure where the market is and do not attempt to guess where the market might be in the future. We change our investment bias when the market changes so that our client portfolios remain in sync with the market.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Mike Turner's background is in engineering, computer science and finance. He is the primary architect of the science, algorithms, and math behind the analytical quant-based software systems used at Turner Capital.

He is a disciplined and formulaic trader who relies heavily upon these proprietary software systems.

He is also the creator of the Bloomberg time-cycle forecasting system that is available to more than 330,000 Bloomberg terminals world-wide.

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