Gilhang & Hays Financial Management Group, LLC

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8150 North Central Expressway
Suite 1600
Dallas, Texas  75206
Gilhang & Hays Financial Management Group, LLC | Financial Advisor in Dallas,Texas

About Gilhang & Hays Financial Management Group, LLC

Our mission is to help our clients find true financial independence and enjoy a work-optional lifestyle. We begin by uncovering what is important in their lives  what they want to protect, preserve or grow  and then we work closely with them throughout the financial planning process. We take a highly collaborative approach that emphasizes open, frequent communication and detailed follow-through. We believe in proactive life planning, and we measure our success by how well we help our clients improve the quality of their lives.

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Services:   Wealth Management, Professional investment management, Discretionary portfolio management, A variety of investment strategies, Multiple investment firms and boutique money managers, Institutional mutual fund shares, Trust & estate services, Wealth preservation and asset protection, Brokerage & insurance services, Risk management solutions, Business Planning, Tax Strategies, Risk Management, Retirement Planning, Employee Benefits, Succession Planning

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