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About TrueNorth Wealth

Helping clients achieve extraordinary financial goals is the undeviating focus at TrueNorth Wealth. That focus is continually driven, sharpened, and inspired by the remarkable ways in which our clients pay the price their goals demand. Although every clients individual journey to significant wealth is unique, each path is deeply marked in some way by tremendous dedication and overwhelming sacrifice. TrueNorth Wealth is a fee-only wealth management firm. This means there are no commissions, no affinity kickbacks, and no ulterior motive for us to place clients in any particular security or investment. It means that you get customized advice built around you, and you never have to wonder about the incentives motivating our advice. That type of fiduciary arrangement is important to nearly all our clients. We earn our fees by leveraging our professional investment knowledge and tax expertise, not by pushing certain investment products. Each one of our advisors is a true fiduciary in every sense of the word. Whats best for the client is our only thought, and our own success depends entirely on the satisfaction of those we serve. We charge a small fee that is based solely on the assets we manage. We believe this is a healthy arrangement because it incentivizes us to grow your account. Other firms may generate significant amounts of revenue for themselves without their clients accounts growing at all.

General Information

Firm Start Year:   1921
Gender:   Male
States Licensed in:   UT
Number of Years with Current Firm:   28
I work with the following types of clients:   Businesses, Individual Investors, Investment Clubs, Non-Profit Organizations
Advisory Services Provided:   401K Rollovers, Financial Advice & Consulting, Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Education Funding and Planning, Money Management, Wealth Management, Estate Planning & Trusts, Tax Advice and Services, Investment Advice & Management, Financial Planning for Businesses, Financial Planning for Individuals


I can meet clients in the following ways:   Via Phone, Via Email, At your home, Our Offices, At your office, Video Conference, At my office

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:   Fee Only

Marty Watkins

TrueNorth Wealth

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My Services

Financial Advice & Consulting

As fee-only financial advisors we provide objective advice without influence from commissions or referrals. Our financial advisor services range from estate planning to insurance planning with an expertise specific to wealth management. Learn more about the difference between fee-only financial planners and commission based financial advisors contact TrueNorth Wealth today.

Retirement Planning

We assist clients in every stage of retirement preparation and distribution planning. We build client wealth and effectively guide wealth distribution during retirement years. This includes helping clients determine when they can retire, the financial assets required to sustain an enjoyable retirement, and planning for family or other wealth distributions at lifes end. We offer personal and corporate retirement services, including profit sharing, 401(k), pensions, SEP, and a full range of other available options. How TrueNorth Wealth can help you with your retirement planning: - Analyzing your income needs for now and for the future. - Developing and implementing recommendations to fund income needs to maintain a comfortable standard of living. - Determining prudent distribution strategies for your retirement plan and IRA funds. Reviewing IRA beneficiaries and determining your preferred method of wealth transfer.

401K Rollovers

Planning for retirement requires action, but its hard to know where to start. Our 401(k) financial advisors Utah and Idaho can help guide you through the task of setting up the most common kind of defined contribution retirement plan  a 401(k). Aside from the apparent fact that saving for retirement is beneficial in and of itself, investing in a 401(k) has many benefits, including: - Contribution match funds from your employer - Controlling how your money is invested - Having a dedicated administrator or management company The 401(k) financial advisors at TrueNorth Retirement Services will help you build a better retirement solution whether you're in Salt Lake City or St. George, Utah and also in areas like Boise, Idaho. We are dedicated to helping you prepare adequately for retirement.

My Team

Richard is a teacher in every facet of his life. He thrives on helping others understand the concepts he has learned through years of study, practice and hard work. Richard has many interests, coupled with a passion for learning; helping him to fit them all in. Fortunately, organization is one of his many talents!

Jared Empey has always had a desire to serve others. Over the years, he has advised friends and family members in regard to budgeting and taxes. While attending Southern Utah University, he connected with Marty Watkins and joined Association Financial Services in May of 2015 as an intern. Jared quickly discovered that he is passionate about financial planning. He loved the idea of developing a close relationship with clients while providing a great service for a great price. Jared moved to Bois ...more

Brett is a learner and a planner. He was drawn to financial planning by his desire to help himself and others navigate the complex world of personal finance. He is a people person and enjoys being involved in his community. His skill is in finance, but when asked about what additional skill he would like to master, he answered, “DIY House Renovations!”

Jake Rushton has spent the last decade working on one of the largest problems in America: Retirement. His fascination with the 401k started during an open enrollment meeting of a large company when he was 18. Soon after this, Jake attended BYU-Hawaii where he excelled as one of the top runners on the cross-country team. Upon finishing his Bachelors in Economics he jumped into the investment world with a well-known online brokerage firm followed by an even larger investment bank. Jake is now th ...more

Dr. Lee is a practicing physician (Maternal Fetal Medicine) with a passion for financial and retirement planning. Rich strongly believes that money is best viewed as a tool that can help individuals and their families live their ideal lives. He became a financial planner to assist others in achieving this goal, and he loves to educate others on personal finance topics Dr. Lee received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and his medical degree from the University of Southern ...more

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