Our Mission is to Help you Easily Find the Best Financial Advisor for your Needs

WiserAdvisor.com was founded in 1998 to ensure a high-quality fit for both consumers and financial advisors. We are dedicated to helping consumers gain fundamental financial knowledge that may enrich their lives and also provide the tools to easily connect with qualified financial advisors near them. To empower people to choose an advisor or planner that would be the best choice for them to assist and guide them towards a clearer financial future and meet their financial goals.

Services we provide consumers

Financial well-being is a critical component of health. One's personal health as well as the health of one's loved ones. Every single person has the right to grow and thrive. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools and knowledge to accomplish your personal financial well-being.

1. Financial Articles and Blogs

Our team of dedicated writers, editors, and finance specialists share their insights, expertise and industry knowledge via weekly articles, blog posts and infographics to help individuals live their best financial life and reach their personal financial goals. We believe that there is no place for fear in anyone's financial future and that each individual should have easy access to credible financial advice.

2. Directory Listing of Qualified Financial Advisors in USA

We prescreen financial advisors from large fortune 500 companies as well as small independent financial firms prior to adding them to our matching network. Each financial firm or independent advisor must pass a stringent qualification process to be part of our independent, unbiased, trusted nationwide network. This enables the financial advisors on our network to help and assist consumers seeking financial advice or guidance on retirement planning, portfolio management, education planning, annuities, 401K Rollover and estate planning. All the financial advisors are registered with FINRA/SEC and hold clean records. Each advisor's contact details, credentials, fee structure, biographies and firm details are provided in the financial advisor directory pages.

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3. Free Match Service for Consumers

Consumers seeking financial advisors complete an easy and convenient form and once verified are matched as per their requirements and preference to 1-3 pre-screened financial advisors on our matching network. The match tool is completely secure and private. There is no obligation on the part of the consumer to hire one of the advisors. The tool is to provide the consumer an opportunity to interview the advisors prior to selecting a financial advisor. It is never a good idea to hire the first advisor that you talk to or meet.

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4. Financial Calculators

Financial calculators can be extremely helpful tools in your financial decision-making process. They can help you evaluate how well you are prepared and what you need to do to improve your financial state. We provide free retirement planning, college savings and personal savings calculators to help you estimate and evaluate your personal financial situation.

What consumers are saying about WiserAdvisor

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Alan C

Performed as Advertised

WiserAdvisor led us to our new financial planner, so we really have to say the system worked as advertised. We were given several viable alternatives and interviewed four. WiserAdvisor kept in contact but not intrusively - I would say just about right amount of follow-up. They also were free to us! (We like 'free', especially when it is quality stuff.) So, in summary, they did what they said they would and we are pleased with the results.

A difficult but enviable decision

I was extremely pleased with the service. I was contacted the same day I placed my request for service and the individual who took my information was personable as he asked what I was looking for in a financial planner. I was contacted by 3 organizations who were all helpful and very professional. They all appeared to have the services I needed and it was only after second meetings and much deliberation that I was able to make a choice with the company that I feel will be the best fit for me. It was an unusual feeling to have 3 good candidates to choose from knowing that any one of them could handle the job.
Ardith Bayler

I was contacted by Michael Feeley

I was contacted by Michael Feeley, told him what my problem was and what I wanted to do. Which was give Bonds to my grandchildren. He explained the procedures I would have to go through, this included a gift tax, and after discussion with him, decided I was not ready to proceed with the request. I thanked him and no further contact with him. I never heard from the other firms: Sandbox or Fischer, although they might have called but left no messages. I sincerely appreciate Wiser/Advisor putting me in touch with these 3 vets. Sorry it took so long to respond, I have apparently misplaced my papers on this. Thank you again.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions people have about WiserAdvisor.com. We hope that this page helps you to get the most out of our service.

WiserAdvisor.com, founded in 1998, is an independent financial advisor matching service designed to help match individuals to vetted financial advisors who are aligned with their specific needs. Financial services covered by the advisors include financial planning, portfolio management, wealth management, retirement planning, educational planning, estate planning, and business finances. We pride ourselves on our system's simplicity, objectivity, and our network of pre-screened advisors. Within five minutes you can be on your way toward finding an advisor who can work towards your goals, at no cost or obligation to you.

We offer two great ways to find an advisor. In each case, the system has been designed to cut through the complexity of searching for a financial advisor and to point you directly to vetted advisors suited to your financial needs. We have spent over twenty years developing and enhancing the service to make sure that WiserAdvisor.com is the only tool you will need to use to find a suitable advisor. The easiest way to get started is directly from the home page.

In order for a person to take control of their financial future, three things are required: interest, skill, and time. Some individuals are not interested in managing their money, planning for retirement, doing their taxes or preparing for the education of their children themselves. Others may feel that they don't have the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of finances and investing, or simply don't have the time. If you fall into one or more of these categories, a financial professional can help you to prepare for retirement or other life changes, avoid costly mistakes, and sleep soundly at night. For a more detailed description of how to determine if you would benefit from a financial professional, please click here.

Professional financial help is no longer considered a service for the wealthy. Help is available for individuals at every income level. While some companies have a minimum portfolio size or net worth requirements, there are many opportunities for those who are just getting started. Advisors are looking to build long-lasting relationships that may start out small but eventually grow with time.

There are other ways that you could find a financial professional, such as the yellow pages or asking a friend. But the best advisor for your friend is not necessarily the best advisor for you, because everyone's situation is unique and it's important to find a financial professional suited to your individual circumstances. WiserAdvisor.com helps you to do this. Unlike financial service companies that encourage you to use just their advisors, our system includes thousands of advisors from hundreds of different companies, so you don't have to worry about any conflicts of interest. And most importantly, the service is free, unbiased and confidential, and there is no obligation at all.

Unlike a simple directory or the yellow pages, financial advisors cannot just pay money and be on our network listing. Every advisor has to be an experienced and highly skilled professional who meets our strict screening criteria. These are the only advisors that we work with and these are the only professionals that you will be matched to.

No, all we need is (a) basic information to be able to match financial advisors for you, and (b) your contact information so that the advisors can get in touch with you. Make sure to provide accurate contact information as this is the only way for your advisor to contact you. We will never ask for your credit card or any other billing information since the service is completely free.

If you choose to use the free search assistant/matching method, then, after you submit your information, one of our experienced consultants will be assigned to find financial advisors for you. Once your information has been verified, they will send you an email/text with the names and information of the advisors or advisory firms and more information about their background, certifications, experience etc. You may also check the status of your request and match information online. The selected financial professionals will then get in touch with you to set up an appointment for a free consultation. Remember, there is no obligation to hire.

Alternatively, if you choose to use the online advisor directory to call the advisors directly, kindly inform the advisors that you received their information from the WiserAdvisor website and they will provide you with a free initial consultation as well.

We recommend that you take time to talk to every advisor and review their credentials. The first meeting should be more like a mutual interview, so that both parties get to know each other better. For more information on how to interview an advisor, please click here.

WiserAdvisor.com has the utmost respect for every individual's right to privacy. We understand the importance that each visitor, member, affiliate or client places on his or her security and the privacy of the information that is given to us. Further, the success of our business depends upon our ability to maintain your trust. For these reasons, the privacy and security of your personal information is our highest priority. We will never disclose your information to any third party, except the appropriate financial advisors. For the Matching Service and the Advisor Directory this means the advisors that you specifically select, and for the Match Service this means the advisors we select for you (typically two or three), based on your criterion. You can find our full privacy policy here.

Whether you are having difficulty using our site, have a suggestion for how we can make it better, or just want to tell us how we're doing, by all means, please feel free to contact us. We can be reached by phone at 703-651-2060 or by email at wa.assistance@wiseradvisor.com.

Alternatively, you can contact us by clicking here.