WiserAdvisor Affiliate Program

What is WiserAdvisor.com?

WiserAdvisor.com is an online directory and lead generation service that connects investors with local financial advisors. Our sophisticated matching service can monetize your website's traffic by matching your visitors to local financial advisors.

WiserAdvisor aims to forge working relationships with businesses that generate high-quality investor traffic. With various integration options, as well as lucrative compensation methods, we are able to work with your business needs to create a strong and profitable partnership.

How does the affiliate program work?

Once you have become an affiliate, you are assigned a unique tracking number that helps us identify which WiserAdvisor lead(s) come from your website. This ID will be included in the links that support the WiserAdvisor.com advertisements and will allow traffic from your site to be tracked and credited to your account.

Several different ad types are available to accommodate your business needs. Ad types include text ads, banner ads, and IFRAMES, allowing viewers of your site to either click through to the WiserAdvisor homepage or fill out a form while remaining on your hosting page.

Your company receives a percentage of the revenue generated from all successfully converted leads.

Why should you partner with WiserAdvisor.com?

Since 1999, WiserAdvisor has positioned itself as a leader in the lead-generation industry. Our high conversion rates and generous revenue share agreements mean that your business will see substantial gains in monetized traffic. Turn your website's traffic into profit by creating an affiliate account now.

To get your affiliate experience started, please fill out the form below. An account manager will contact you to discuss your business's particular needs and if working with WiserAdvisor would be a good fit. You can also reach an account manager directly at (703) 651-2048.

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