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Centaurus Financial | Financial Advisor in Irvine ,CA

About Centaurus Financial

We help our clients accomplish their financial goals.

We customize our clients investments and financial plans to to help them meet their individual needs.

The real benefit of using our firm is that our
clients feel their financial dreams will be accomplished and that we are there to provide service as their needs change.

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General Information

Firm Start Year:   1992
No.of Employees:   2-4
Insurance License#:   0B05626
Name of Broker/Dealer:   Centaurus Financial, Inc.
Name of Custodial Firm:   Pershing
States Licensed in:   CA, ID, GA, AZ, WA
Number of Years with Current Firm:   1
Work Experience:   Have been a wealth management advisor since collge. My Dad and brother are slso financial advisors.
Work with the following types of clients:   Businesses, Individual Investors, Non-Profit Organizations


Investment Types:   Stocks, Alternative Investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Annuities, Commodities, Bonds, FOREX & Currency, Mutual Funds, Mortgages & Real Estate, Insurance, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)
Can meet clients in the following ways:   Via Email, Via Phone, Our Office, Your Home, Your Office

Qualifications & Memberships

Insurance and Annuity Licenses:   Disability, Accident, Annuity, Health, HMO, Variable Annuity, Long Term Care, Variable Life
Financial Organization Memberships:   Million Dollar Roundtable, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), Society of Financial Services Professionals

Firm Information

Advisor's Number of Clients:   200
Advisor's Number of Managed Clients:   50
Advisor's Number of Planning Clients:   100
Assets Managed by Advisor:   20,000,000

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:   Fee-Based
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts:   25,000
Compensation Methods:   Based on Assets, Hourly, Flat Fee
Fee % Based on Assets:   1
Hourly Rate:   100
Flat Fee Rate:   1200
Minimum Fee Charged for Managed Accounts:   1
Minimum Fee Charged for Hourly Planning Accounts:   100
Minimum Fee Charged for Flat Fee Accounts:   1200

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Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?


Why should I choose you as my financial advisor?

CLU and ChFC

What are your qualifications? What is your education background?

Holistic. We start with what the client wants to accomplish in order of priority.

How do you charge for your services?

Depends upon what the clients needs. Fee-based plans we either charge hourly or flat fee. For investments percentage of assets or commissions. We let the client decide.

How are you compensated? How will I pay for your services?

Either fee or commission. We discuss both options with our clients.



Registered Investment Advisor:


Registered Representative:


Investment Advisor Representative:


Compliance Disclosures in Last 5 years:

Have a clean record

Criminal Disclosures in Last 5 years:

Have a clean record

Office Hours

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