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Budgeting and Saving

Saving Fundamentals

10 Ways to Save Money on Gasoline

Walking, Biking or the bus isn't an option for most of us who don't live and work in the city. The thriving metropolis of Harwinton doesn't offer subways. Inflation isn't something people have paid much attention to in the past few decades. You'd have to be living in a vacuum not to notice the... more

Financial Planning and Strategies

The Importance of Investment Policy Statements

Whether you are the fiduciary of a pension plan or an individual investor, one of the most important steps you can take in your investment planning process is the creation of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). An IPS defines your goals and sets the guidelines for your investment activity, and... more

Managing Family Finances

How to Teach Your Children Basic Money Management Skills

By Paula Pant You want to give your kid the world. You want to make sure they have the tools and opportunities they need to live the happiest, most successful life. So you teach them everything they'll need to know, from how to tie their shoes to how to play well with others. But are you teaching... more

Understanding Your Credit

Balance Transfer Offers

Do you ever see those 0% or 2.99% low rate credit card offers in the mail? Transferring balances can be a very effective cash management tool when used correctly. If you are good at managing resources, it may make sense at times to pay off other secured or unsecured debt at higher rates by... more

Budget Planning and Tips

Changing Your Spending Habits

My colleague Dr. Dan Elash preaches: "If you want to change any habit, change the actions that produce the habit. More folks start self-improvement programs to change personal habits at the beginning of year than at any other, but it seems fiscal habit-changes fits right in all the time." Dr.... more

Managing Debt

Can You Afford Your Lifestyle?

Most consumers have no idea how much installment debt may be too much installment debt on items such as houses, car loans, 0% interest furniture or carpet deals and credit card revolving balances. It can be too easy to just say ?Where do I sign?? and take the items home on impulse, and increase... more

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