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Budgeting and Saving

Saving Fundamentals


Tips for Keeping Your Monthly Food Bills within Budget

The prices of food products are on a continuous rise. According to recent studies, families of four can have an approximate monthly charge of $1,200 on food bills alone! However, whether you are feeding a family or just yourself, food bills can add up. Find ways to reduce this and you can put less... more

Financial Planning and Strategies


Love & Money: 4 Reasons to Talk Money with Your Partner

When you’re getting serious with someone, you’ll need to initiate many serious conversations — getting married, having kids, who gets control of the TV remote — so a conversation about money might be the last thing on your mind.   Talking about money might feel... more

Managing Family Finances


Teaching Children About Money

Interestingly, the subject of how to handle money is something that many parents put off discussing with their children, says Karen DeRose, a Certified Financial PlannerTM practitioner with Lincoln Financial Advisors in Chicago. ?Typically, our parents weren't forthcoming about money, so it's not... more

Understanding Your Credit


10 Steps to Fixing a Credit Report Error

Did you spot a mistake on your credit report? Take action immediately. This isn't the sort of thing you should overlook. A single blemish on your credit report can negatively affect your ability to get a loan, apply for a job, and may even be a symptom of potential identity theft. Don't let an... more

Budget Planning and Tips


7 Tips to Keep You On-Budget This Holiday Season

It's that time of year again. Stores are running festive commercials, your local coffee shop is offering gingerbread lattes, and you're beginning to worry about how you're going to afford another round of "the most wonderful time of the year." There's no doubt about it; the holidays are expensive.... more

Managing Debt


Can You Afford Your Lifestyle?

Most consumers have no idea how much installment debt may be too much installment debt on items such as houses, car loans, 0% interest furniture or carpet deals and credit card revolving balances. It can be too easy to just say ?Where do I sign?? and take the items home on impulse, and increase... more

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