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Budgeting and Saving

Saving Fundamentals


Unconventional Saving Methods That Work

Saving money can be hard and many people - around three quarters of Americans - don't have a rainy day fund. But it doesn't have to be that way. How you save money is up to you  no one can judge you on how quirky the method may be - as long as you're saving it. Some creative ways to save include... more

Financial Planning and Strategies


Love & Money: 4 Reasons to Talk Money with Your Partner

When you’re getting serious with someone, you’ll need to initiate many serious conversations — getting married, having kids, who gets control of the TV remote — so a conversation about money might be the last thing on your mind.   Talking about money might feel... more

Managing Family Finances


Teaching Children About Money

Interestingly, the subject of how to handle money is something that many parents put off discussing with their children, says Karen DeRose, a Certified Financial PlannerTM practitioner with Lincoln Financial Advisors in Chicago. ?Typically, our parents weren't forthcoming about money, so it's not... more

Understanding Your Credit


10 Steps to Fixing a Credit Report Error

Did you spot a mistake on your credit report? Take action immediately. This isn't the sort of thing you should overlook. A single blemish on your credit report can negatively affect your ability to get a loan, apply for a job, and may even be a symptom of potential identity theft. Don't let an... more

Budget Planning and Tips


6 Surefire Tips to Save Money All Year Long

Most of us know we should save more money than we’re currently saving ... but that’s easier said than done. If you feel like you’re scrounging for change and can’t figure out how to possibly save more, don’t despair. Here are 6 tips to get you closer to your savings... more

Managing Debt


Student Loans: A Bubble in The Making?

By James O'Brien January 7, 2014 If more and more students are leaving U.S. colleges and universities with five figures of student loan debt, and an increasing number of them end up delinquent in repaying those loans, are we looking at a financial bubble? And will that bubble... more

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