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Budgeting and Saving

Saving Fundamentals

Tips for Taking Advantage of Employer Savings Plans

By Paula Pant. Trying to save more, but not sure how? Employer savings plans are a great way to add to your retirement fund or savings goals. If your employer offers one and you're not taking advantage of it, you should be. Here's a quick guide to get you started. The Benefits of Employer... more

Financial Planning and Strategies

Are You 18 to 35? Read This Before You Spend Another Dollar

By Paula Pant. Do you think that just because you're young, you don't need to worry about money? Guess again. Whether you're a high school graduate, college student or you've recently entered the working world, getting a good handle on your finances is key to living a happy life. It doesn't... more

Managing Family Finances

Never Give An Adult Child Your Credit Card

Your adult son or daughter is having cash flow trouble and they are having a hard time getting refinancing or credit on their own right now. After some discussion and much thought, as parents trying to help out, you offer to let them use one of your credit cards with those low rate offers... more

Understanding Your Credit

Credit Check: What's Your Credit Score?

By Paula Pant. Your credit score impacts a lot in your life, from buying a car to buying a house and even, sometimes, to getting a job. (Believe it or not, some employers check your credit report.) You owe it to yourself to know exactly what your credit score is, and how you can go about making... more

Budget Planning and Tips

Get Your Spending under Control

If you are trying to increase savings, remember that savings are directly tied to spending - the less you spend, the more you have to save. Some tips to consider to help get your spending under control include: Analyze your spending practices for a month. Are you surprised by how much you spend... more

Managing Debt

Keys To Debt Management

Debt can be a valuable and useful component of an individual's finances, if used efficiently and in moderation. For many individuals debt is a necessity in their every day lives and, unfortunately, often inappropriately handled. But there are certain 'keys' an individual should consider that... more

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