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Top Financial Concerns


Retirement is known as a time for relaxation, and the opportunity for most people to pursue their hobbies and spend time with loved ones at their leisure. However, planning for retirement is a practice that most individuals need to start early if they wish to live a comfortable and worry-free retirement. Irrespective of how you wish to spend your time in retirement, it is vital that you have financial strategies in place during your working years to manage and grow your money in order to sustain your retirement lifestyle. This involves finding suitable investments, saving consistently, being up to date with the latest financial trends, and more. While this can seem daunting, starting early and seeking timely financial advice can help ensure you are on the right path to living a happy and fulfilling retirement.

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Managing your finances not only involves saving money, but also investing that money in suitable assets where your money can grow and increase in value over time. While it is good to save a portion of your income for short-term needs and expenses, it is wise to invest a portion of your money in assets such as real estate, stocks, etc. that can help build your wealth for bigger financial goals, such as funding your child’s education, building a house, and more. Depending on your unique financial situation and circumstances, the amount you allocate for short, medium and long term goals can vary. If you are unsure of how to suitably budget your income for short-term savings and long-term investments, it is never too late to start learning more about the steps you can take towards investing and growing your financial corpus.

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Advisor Compensation

Fee-Only Financial Advisors

Fee-only financial advisors are non-commissioned advisors who only charge for the advice they give. They do not earn commission by selling any financial products. This way, they help reduce conflicts of interest inherent in how they get paid and what they recommend. They primarily focus on providing comprehensive financial solutions, and their fees include charging on a percentage of assets under management, flat-fee or hourly free basis.

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Fee-Based Financial Advisors

Fee-based financial advisors are paid a pre-decided fee for their financial services, which can either be a flat retainer or an hourly rate fee. For example, if the advisor were to help handle your investments, this fee may be charged as a percentage of your assets under management (AUM). While the advisor largely receives their income through the fees paid by you, they are also compensated by a small percentage via commissions paid to them by brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, insurance companies, or an investment partnership. Although fee-based advisors may make some of their income via commissions on some of the products they sell, their interests are considered to be primarily in line with those of their client's.

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Advisor Designations

Understanding Your Advisor's Designations

Finding a suitable financial professional for your financial needs can be a daunting task, given that there are so many advisors to choose from. However, financial professionals understand this problem, and do what they can to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Advisors are primarily differentiated by the financial qualifications and designations, experiences, and educational background they hold. This helps make the clients decision making process easier, as they can then choose an advisor that caters to the financial service they are interested in.

The designations held by an advisor are often earned through required coursework and examinations that test an advisor's knowledge in various specialized areas. Some designations are designed specifically for advisors who work with retirees, while other designations show specialization in insurance or business. No two designations are exactly alike, and some are more renowned than others. Thus, advisor designations help investors see which advisors are more suited to their financial requirements and goals.

Some common financial designations to check for include Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFCs) and more. These designations are worthy of your attention as they follow a rigorous qualification criteria that is regulated and monitored by various State and local agencies.

WiserAdvisor strives to bring you an extensive listing of pre-screened financial professionals. If you are interested in connecting with vetted financial advisors in your area, please provide some brief information on our matching page and we will match you to 2-3 screened financial advisors that would suit your requirements.

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