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Portfolio Management

Stock Analysis and Research


Covered Call Options

The use of "covered call" writing is an investment strategy that offers the INVESTOR (as opposed to the speculator) several advantages of stock ownership. First, the use of a covered call strategy offers downside protection and secondly the call option generates cash flow. Here's how it... more

Investment in Mutual Funds


Mutual Funds: More Bang for Your Buck

With the recent corporate scandals still fresh in investor's minds, where can one turn to invest with relative safety and have the prospect of a good rate of return? Interest rates are still near historic lows, suggesting that money market accounts and bonds are not the places to get those returns... more

Asset Allocation


Should You Invest in the Stock Market or in Real Estate?

By Paula Pant Investing is part of any healthy financial plan. But if you're new to the game, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. Where do you start? What do you even invest in? Should you try the stock market? Are you ready to invest in real estate? There are pros and cons to both options... more

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


Investing in Sectors

We recently discussed investing in broad indexes to diversify a portfolio, but when investors would like to focus on a specific sector or sub-sector within the broad market, they often look for individual stocks that participate in a desired sector. As noted in the 2000-2002 bear market,... more

International Investing


Are You Itching to Invest in China's Growth?

If you?ve been following the dynamics of global trade lately, the statistics suggest that China is leading the world as an exporter (seller) of goods and that the US is the world's largest consumer (importer). This isn't really new news, yet, if the direction of global capital flows represents a... more

Bond Investments and Risk


3 Ways to Get Your Portfolio Ready for Ebola, ISIS, or the Next Crisis

Between ISIS and Ebola, it seems like the world is in crisis. How can you prepare your investment portfolio to withstand anything? Between ISIS, the Ebola outbreak, Russia in the Ukraine and a persistently weak Europe, it might sometimes feel like the worlds, and your portfolio, are in... more

Socially Responsible Investing


Socially Responsible Investing: Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Socially responsible investing (SRI) has been around in some form for more than 200 years, but it has become more prominent in the investing scene in the last 40. It's a way for individuals, corporations and institutions to merge their investing with their values. It empowers investors to 'vote'... more

Alternative Investments


Trade of the Decade

The chart below shows that the multiyear downtrend in the Dow that began in 1999 looks set to continue with the recent breakdown early this year below the 2003 lows. 15400trade.jpg Most people will be surprised by this as the news is full of stories declaring new highs in the major stock... more

Investment Strategy


Retirement and Risk: The Difference Between Tolerance and Capacity (and Why You Need to Know It)

When we think about recipes for well-funded retirement plans we often start with some basic concepts. One of them is that investments are at the root of preparing for our post-work years. Packed into our investment portfolios, however, is a separate consideration — one that's... more

Hedge Funds For Investors


Hedge Funds for Individual Investors

Hedge Funds have been getting a lot of press lately. The mutual fund scandals have forced the SEC to come up with new ways to oversee this growing industry. Regardless of whether tighter supervision is good or bad, in most cases, hedge funds are still reserved for the ultra wealthy. What many... more

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