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Disability Insurance

Do You Need Disability Income Insurance?

No one likes to think about becoming disabled. But it happens far more often than you may think. According to the Social Security Administration, a 20-year-old worker has a three-in-ten chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age. The most recent Census counted 49.7 million people... more

Long Term Care Insurance

Important Tax & Retirement Planning Deadlines for 2006

This article focuses on a number of fast approaching tax filing and document execution deadlines. It is not too early to begin thinking about these and other year-end tax and retirement planning opportunities as you prepare for year-end. September 30, 2006 Beneficiary Designation Date. It may... more

Medical Insurance and Medicare

Health Care Affordability in 2014 : Failing Grade for U.S., But the ACA Could Turn It Around

By Jame OBrien SUMMARY: The U.S. ranked last among 11 countries in a recent report on the state of health care. A key reason, in the study: high costs are blocking access to services. But the report also suggests that the ACA can change that scenario for the better. We look at the numbers, and... more

Property and Liability Insurance

The Realities of NFIP Insurance

The Realities of NFIP Insurance: Looking at Risk, and Cost By Justin Stoltzfus As investors and property owners think about changing their real estate holdings based on flood risk, the federal government is also making big changes to its traditional policy of using tax dollars to subsidize... more

Life Insurance Basics

Don't Believe The Hype! About Your Insurance

I have read perhaps thousands of articles and books on the topic of financial planning and I am still amazed at how many articles and books mislead so many people about what type of life insurance to buy. Many of the self proclaimed experts tell you that it is better to rent your life insurance... more

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