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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Basics

If you suffered an injury or illness and couldnt work for weeks, months, or even years, how would you support yourself and your family? Won't the government provide? Well, maybe. Social Security disability insurance pays benefits to qualified individuals under age 65, and Supplemental Security... more

Long Term Care Insurance

Hurricane Warning

This is a National Weather Service Bulletin from the Storm Center - Correction, this is a National Financial Service Bulletin from yours truly: There is a financial hurricane brewing that could have a devastating impact on many of us individually and all of us collectively. There is a name for this... more

Medical Insurance and Medicare

Health Care Affordability in 2014 : Failing Grade for U.S., But the ACA Could Turn It Around

By Jame OBrien SUMMARY: The U.S. ranked last among 11 countries in a recent report on the state of health care. A key reason, in the study: high costs are blocking access to services. But the report also suggests that the ACA can change that scenario for the better. We look at the numbers, and... more

Property and Liability Insurance

NFIP Coverage Becoming a Bigger Concern for Property Owners and Investors

By Justin Stoltzfus The National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, administered by the Federal Emergency Management Administration, has been in place for a long time as a way to help property owners hedge against flood risk. Now, more of those who have invested in real estate across the country... more

Life Insurance Basics

Keeping Your Legacy Alive with Last Survivor Insurance

Did you know in 2004, the federal government collected more than $25 billion in estate and gift taxes? Although there is no known number for the amount of family fortunes and legacies lost to this form or taxation, rest assured there were legacies that ended needlessly in the remittance of large... more

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