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Tax Concerns

Tax the Rich?

Q: I keep hearing that the rich are getting richer. And, I am sick of multi-million dollar paychecks for the greedy few. Why not raise taxes on those people now? A: This is a tough one. My answer to this same question hurt my popularity with the media, about 15 years ago, on an `Ask An... more

Managing Tax Deductions and Credits


Giving to Charity for the First Time? Read This First

It's that time of year where many people's thoughts turn to those in need. The holidays can inspire people to adopt a generous mood. You're thankful for the blessings youve received and want to pay it forwardand you've also realized charitable giving can lower your taxes, as well. Whether... more

Tax Strategy and Planning Tips

Getting Ready to File Your Taxes? Don't Miss This Checklist

Tax season is upon us again. April 15th may be the official deadline to file, but it's now time to start gathering everything you'll need so you aren't scrambling in the eleventh hour.   Whether you're planning on doing your taxes yourself or turning your paperwork over to a CPA, there are... more

Tax Planning Basics

The Kiddie Tax

Kids can't vote. As if that wasn't already obvious, Congress really drove the point home in the 1986 Tax Reform Act with the creation of the so-called "kiddie tax." In spite of the rules having been around for a few years, many are still confused on this legislation. The Kiddie Tax only applies... more

Estate Taxes Planning

The Tax Bite on Gifting

Periodically, clients want to make gifts to individuals for a variety of reasons including college funding, estate planning, or just plain goodwill. And generally there are a lot of misconceptions about how gifts are treated by the IRS. The relationship between taxes and gifts does exist and it is... more

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