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Tax Concerns

Tax Preparers Can Be Loan Sharks

Be aware of potential loan sharks out there during the first few months of the year. Most people think of the Mafia, Mob or Gangsters when they hear the term loan sharks. Today we have corporate loan sharks who are operating within the law and charging consumers 7%, 10%, 70%, 700% on loans. ... more

Managing Tax Deductions and Credits

Giving to Charity for the First Time? Read This First

It's that time of year where many people's thoughts turn to those in need. The holidays can inspire people to adopt a generous mood. You're thankful for the blessings youve received and want to pay it forwardand you've also realized charitable giving can lower your taxes, as well. Whether... more

Tax Strategy and Planning Tips

What Everyone Ought to Know about Donating to Charity

Thinking of spreading some holiday joy this season by donating to a cause that’s near and dear to you?   The holiday season is a time when many people feel inspired to give to causes they want to support. But if you don’t donate to charity regularly, or if you’re having... more

Tax Planning Basics

The New Tax Law: What's in It for You?

The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act signed into law by President Bush in May contains good news for investors with taxable capital gains and dividend income. It also offers upper-income taxpayers a Roth IRA conversion opportunity and extends immediate relief from the Alternative... more

Estate Taxes Planning

Understanding the Tax Ramifications of an Inherited Roth IRA

"Be sure to read the fine print." It's neither complex, nor profound advice. Yet, it isn't easy advice to follow when you are navigating your way through pages and pages of IRS rules and regulations governing the way you manage your retirement savings plans. It quickly becomes clear that the IRS... more

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