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Tax Concerns

Aspects of the Current Tax System that are Unfair

With all due respect, I don't know if it would be possible to cover all the inequity contained in the current Code if the esteemed Panel allowed 500 pages per comment. Therefore, I will offer a brief executive summary followed by a few concrete examples. I feel the current Code is unfair... more

Managing Tax Deductions and Credits

Should You File Your Own Taxes? Or Should You Hire a CPA?

By Paula Pant. Lots of people honor traditions. Some people eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Some people bake an apple pie on Independence Day. Me? I abide by a longstanding tradition, as well: I yank my hair out every April, when I attempt to file my own taxes. Life hasn't always felt this way.... more

Tax Strategy and Planning Tips

End-of-Year Tax Planning

By Paula Pant. April 15th isn't the only deadline you need to keep in mind when it comes to staying on top of your taxes. Truly savvy planners also watch for December 31st, which is the cutoff to make some clever moves to maximize your savings come tax-time. There's still time left to net... more

Tax Planning Basics

1031 exchanges

This article is for educational purposes. 1031 exchanges have restrictions and limitations. When the time comes to sell your real estate, some owners of highly appreciated real estate could be staring at a substantial capital-gains tax bill. A section of the Tax Code may help you convert your... more

Estate Taxes Planning

Understanding the Tax Ramifications of an Inherited Roth IRA

"Be sure to read the fine print." It's neither complex, nor profound advice. Yet, it isn't easy advice to follow when you are navigating your way through pages and pages of IRS rules and regulations governing the way you manage your retirement savings plans. It quickly becomes clear that the IRS... more

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