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Tax Concerns

Tax Preparers Can Be Loan Sharks

Be aware of potential loan sharks out there during the first few months of the year. Most people think of the Mafia, Mob or Gangsters when they hear the term loan sharks. Today we have corporate loan sharks who are operating within the law and charging consumers 7%, 10%, 70%, 700% on loans. ... more

Managing Tax Deductions and Credits

Caring for Aging Parents

As life expectancies continue to increase, it becomes increasingly likely that you may need to financially help an aging parent. If you find yourself in that situation, review the tax laws to determine whether you can obtain some tax relief. The key is to determine whether you can deduct your... more

Tax Strategy and Planning Tips

Tax Bill Rescues for the Self-Employed

By James O'Brien There's no question about the rules for some 18 million Americans who've made something good for themselves in the world of self-employment. Professionals who earn a decent living at what they do, working for themselves, face quarterly taxes. If you expect to owe more than... more

Tax Planning Basics

The AMT Horror

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was originally designed to prevent extremely wealthy individuals from skirting their income taxes. Unfortunately, the AMT has grown into a tax trap that haunts millions of Americans each year. But with some understanding and foresight, it is possible to make... more

Estate Taxes Planning

Don't Leave Your Estate Unprotected

Many people who plan carefully to keep income taxes at a minimum don't give any thought to estate taxes. They assume that estate taxes affect only the very wealthy. Not true. Currently, any estate worth more than $2 million may be subject to federal estate taxes - at rates ranging as high as 47%.... more

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