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Real Estate

Mortgage Fundamentals and Research

Mortgages: To Pre- Or Not To Pre-

Homeowners are often faced with the decision whether to prepay their home mortgage. This decision can be significant given the amount of interest that could be paid over 15, 30 years or more. There are several ways to shorten the life of the mortgage. Taking a shorter term is the most direct,... more

Real Estate Investment

How to Hold Real Estate In a Self-Directed IRA or Qualified Plan - Part 2

Part II: Using Your IRA For many years now, people have been using non-directly owned real estate in their IRAs and other retirement plans. These intangibles are investments like REITs and real estate mutual funds. But most people did not know that they could use their retirement plans... more

Buying or Selling a Home

Tips for This Housing Market

Who isn't worried about the value of their home in this market? Numerous articles have been written about whether we're in the midst of a housing bubble and when the housing boom will end. The tone is reminiscent of discussions that occurred right before technology stocks tumbled in 2000. How... more

Legal Issues in Real Estate Investments

The Institutional 1031 TIC Exchange

Since the 1920's savvy real estate investors have taken advantage of the evolving 1031 exchange rules promulgated by the IRS. Many of you are probably familiar with this concept, if not veterans of the procedure. The ability to defer capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes, as well as the... more

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