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Strategy of Retirement Planning

  • Great Expectations
    Today, 51 percent of Americans aged 60 to 64 remain in the workforce1. For these and other Americans, retirement doesn't mean slowing down. But from modifications in schedules, lifestyle, and income, retirement almost always brings change. Retirement is something that many people look forward to.more
  • Striking a Delicate Balance
    When the day comes for you to begin drawing a retirement income, will you know how much you can withdraw safely from your investment accounts? If you don't have a withdrawal plan, you may run the risk of taking too much and running out of money during your lifetime, or being too cautious .more
  • Worried About the Future? You're Not Alone
    According to a recent survey, even the wealthiest Americans believe they need more money to secure their future. Individuals with a net worth of $1 million said they would need $2.4 million to live comfortably, and those with $5 million said they would need twice that much1. Everyone wants to fee.more
  • Deciding on a Withdrawal Rate
    It's probably one of the most important decisions you'll make when you retire - how much to withdraw annually from your retirement assets. Take out too much every year and you may have to seriously reduce your standard of living late in life or even deplete your assets. Take out too little and you m.more
  • Get a Plan for Retirement
    Given much thought to retirement lately? Don't make the mistake of thinking about what you'd like to do when you retire, but not how you're going to finance that retirement. Start planning now, following these key steps: Determine how much income you'll need for retirement. First, decide how y.more
  • Withdrawing Retirement Funds
    After retirement, you're likely to find your retirement savings include several different vehicles, which might include 401(k) plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), profit-sharing plans, and taxable investments designated for retirement. When withdrawing funds, you need to decide the order i.more
  • Baby Boomers Gain Access to Retirement Accounts
    Most people stopped celebrating half birthdays when they were children. But this year baby boomers turning 59 & have a reason to celebrate. July 1, 2005, marked the day the first baby boomers have access to their IRAs, some 401(k) plans and other retirement accounts money without incurring early wit.more
  • Measuring Your Nest Egg
    You may have a specific vision of your retirement & traveling the world, downsizing to a beachfront cottage or spending time with your hobbies, friends and family. Or perhaps your vision of retirement is not as specific, but is simply based on the feeling you want to achieve - you are looking forwar.more
  • Retirees Must Protect Themselves From Inflation
    Consumers with a fixed income will quickly learn that even mild inflation can take them off track. While current inflation rates are nowhere near the 1970's or other times of extreme inflation, retirees today, for numerous reasons, may be even more vulnerable than their counterparts 30 years ago. .more
  • Women Face Unique Retirement Challenges
    Saving for retirement remains one of the most important financial goals for both men and women. While saving for retirement is a huge endeavor for everyone, women face a variety of unique challenges and obstacles that should be taken into account in their long-term planning. First of all, and perh.more
  • Having a Happy Retirement
    Never Too Early. Never Too Late. There's no wrong time to plan for your retirement. Sooner is, of course, better & making it possible for a 30-year-old, who saves for retirement consistently, to be a millionaire by retirement age. But even those who don't start saving for retirement until their lat.more
  • Early Retirement Begins with Early Retirement Planning
    Everyone dreams of throwing away his or her alarm clock, saying goodbye to early morning commutes and, instead, waking up to leisurely read the paper, sip fresh coffee and pursue his or her life's ambitions as an early retiree. Yet few take the necessary steps to prepare themselves for early retirem.more
  • Getting To Retirement With Sufficient Income
    There are a few basic calculations you can make, regardless of your income or your age, to come up with a number you need to know. Ahh retirement. For some folks, it's time to pull up a rocking chair and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade. For others, retirement means traveling to exotic places.more
  • Don't Make These Retirement Planning Mistakes
    We all recognize the importance of planning and saving for retirement, but too many of us fall victim to one or more common mistakes. Here are four easily avoidable mistakes that could prevent you from reaching your retirement goals. 1. Putting off planning and saving Because retirement may be.more
  • What It Means to Be a Baby Boomer
    With the oldest baby boomers turning 60 this year, the retirement landscape is about to undergo a seismic shift. What does it mean to be a baby boomer? First, there's demographics: 26.5 million leading-edge boomers, those born between 1946 and 1952, will turn 60 over the next six years. Trailing th.more
  • Make Your Retirement Your Priority
    Many Americans who planned to retire within the next five to ten years are unhappy to find that their long-term savings, their nest egg, falls short of what is needed to retire when and as comfortably as planned. They are finding that their nest egg is not sufficient to secure a steady stream of inc.more
  • Retiring at 55: Rules of the Road
    Do you want to retire before Social Security kicks in'say at age 55' Should you? Could you? The Rules of the Road Plan on living longer than the charts shows your money has to last. Plan on medical insurance premiums and medical costs rising much faster than inflation. Plan on long-term care costs.more
  • Maximizing Your Wealth
    When advising clients on a suitable rate of withdrawal from their portfolios during retirement, we face the challenge of recommending a level of withdrawal that could be less than possible, often less than desired, but within parameters intended to transcend the retirement years. As a general .more
  • Short Term Retirement Planning
    One way to make any event stressful is to head into it unprepared. If you're within five years of retirement, to ensure a smooth transition, take the following five steps as soon as possible. Increase cash reserves The process of applying for pensions, social security and setting up withdrawal.more
  • Retirement Myths
    It is an unfortunate fact that many Americans spend less time planning for their retirement than planning for their vacations. All it takes is intelligent planning and a clear understanding of the myths that hinder us from building a secure retirement. Consider the following myths: Myth #1: I.more
  • The Cat Food Dilemma
    When I left the Army in 1973, it was to go to work for the Dupont Walston brokerage firm. Our training center was in Los Angeles about three blocks down Wilshire from the Ambassador Hotel when Sen. Robert Kennedy had been assassinated five years before. There were 189 in my class all but four milit.more
  • Plan Today for Retirement Tomorrow
    Planning and saving for retirement, like cleaning out the attic, may be something you figure you'll get to later. But when "later" arrives at retirement age, you may not have the financial resources to enjoy your golden years. Long gone are the days when you could expect the traditional sources of.more
  • Don't Wait to Plan Your Retirement
    Most of us find it easier to earn and spend money than to save it. Planning and saving for retirement too often take a back seat to other priorities. Why is procrastination the rule, rather than the exception when it comes to retirement planning? I've heard many reasons from my clients: thinking abo.more
  • Do Retirees Need a New Investment Strategy?
    First growth, then income. If you're like most investors, you want to achieve growth while you're working and income after you retire. But that doesn't necessarily make it smart to change your investment strategy when you retire by shifting your portfolio completely out of stocks into less volatile,.more
  • Retirement Planning: Scared or Prepared?
    If you are planning on winning the lottery, don't bother reading this. For the rest of you, however, it is never too early to begin planning for a comfortable retirement. Given the new economic realities of retirement planning, building up a nest egg is a top priority. No longer can you rely on the .more
  • Retirement Income Planning: Why an Appropriate Withdrawal Rate Matters
    Accumulating enough assets for retirement may be the top priority for investors. However, the amount that is withdrawn from a portfolio each year during retirement is what may ultimately determine how long retirement assets will last. That is why calculating the annual withdrawal rate from personal .more
  • Preparing for Retirement: Some "Get It", Some Still Don't
    Legislation passed in the last several years gave people saving for retirement the ability to put more money into IRA accounts and qualified retirement plans and reap significant tax benefits. Welcome news as Americans realize the serious need to take responsibility for their own retirement plannin.more
  • The New Face of Retirement Planning
    Retirement these days just isn't what it used to be. A generation ago, many Americans spent their golden years pursuing mostly sedentary activities like fishing or golfing. Today's retirees are redefining this phase. ?Retirement now means traveling the world, giving back to the community through v.more
  • Increasing Life Expectancies May Require Additional Retirement and Estate Planning
    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people today can expect to live longer in retirement than ever before. Increased life expectancies mean we?ll all probably have to do a better job of planning for our retirement and protecting our estate assets than previous generations. Working out a sound re.more
  • Top 10 Ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement
    Instead of going online, you can get any Employee Benefits Security Administration publication listed here by calling the U.S. Department of Labor at 1-866-444-3272. There is no charge. (Note that IRS Publication 590 comes from the IRS, not EBSA.) 10. Know Your Retirement Needs Retirement i.more
  • Budgeting to Retire
    The old adage ?out of sight, out of mind? is never truer than when it comes to budgeting for retirement. Starting young is the best strategy. But typically, nothing is further from a young person's mind, especially when they?re just starting a new career or forming a family. That's probably the.more
  • Top 10 Ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement
    10. Know Your Retirement Needs Retirement is expensive. Experts estimate that you?ll need about 70% of your pre-retirement income?lower earners, 90% or more'to maintain your standard of living when you stop working. Take charge of your financial future. You can start with ?Savings Fitness.more
  • How Much Will You Need to Retire?
    How much money will it take for you to retire in style? Will $1 million do the trick? How about $5 million? Or perhaps you can get by on less. If the question leaves you scratching your head, you?re not alone. Fewer than half of American workers have estimated how much they?ll need to retire, a.more
  • The Word "Retirement"
    The word ?retirement? brings great worry to many Baby Boomers. They often worry if they will be able to retire and if they can retire, how much money will they need to have in savings and investments. Let's discuss how much a person needs to invest on a monthly basis in order to feel financial .more
  • Seven Things NOT to Assume About Retirement Planning
    You?ll retire at age 65 and live to age 80. Forced early retirement is a trend that won't go away soon. Aim to retire at age 65, but calculate that you might have to retire at 58 and calculate that you?ll need enough income in retirement to last you until at least age 90. Also, be mindful of the.more
  • Five Common Retirement Planning Mistakes
    Saving for retirement is among the most important investment objectives, regardless of your age or stage in life. But simply resolving to put money away for the future may not be enough to ensure the comfort and security you ultimately desire. Responsible, educated investment decisions are key. .more
  • Major Retirement Planning Blunders
    Exposing more than 10% of any portfolio in one holding or stock, be especially diligent to limit your portfolio exposure in company stock. Why is it essential for you today and in the future to financially support your employer? Failure to regularly diversify all your investment holdings incl.more
  • Top 10 Ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement
    10. Know Your Retirement Needs Retirement is expensive. Experts estimate that you?ll need about 70% of your pre-retirement income - lower earners, 90% or more - to maintain your standard of living when you stop working. Take charge of your financial future. You can start with "Savings Fit.more
  • Evaluating Early Retirement Offers
    Company-sponsored early retirement programs can be very attractive. These early retirement programs can offer the chance to make a career change, to spend more time as a volunteer in the community, to go back to school, or to spend more time with the family. Before deciding to accept early retir.more
  • Planning for Early Retirement
    Some people retire by choice. Others do so involuntarily because of corporate restructuring that has drastically cut the ranks of middle management. Even if a person does not intend to retire early, or is only in their twenties, planning for retirement should begin now. The sooner it is initiat.more
  • Retirement Planning: Understanding Your Withdrawal Alternatives
    More than 20 million Americans currently participate in 401(k) plans through their employers with an average account balance around $30,000. These pension plans can help to provide security for a comfortable retirement. It's important to understand, however, the tax implications of these pension p.more
  • Retirement Management: Planning To Turn Present Dreams into Future Realities
    Retirement can be one of the most active times in an individual's life. However, it can also be one of the most expensive. Attributed largely to lack of planning, many retirees are finding themselves in their golden years without enough retirement resources to maintain a decent standard of livi.more
  • Retirement Planning: Don't Let Outdated Retirement Statistics Leave You Underfunded and Unprepared
    Forbes Magazine ran a cover story entitled "Retirement: Why You Won't Need As Much As You Think". In the article, economist Laurence Kotlikoff stated that most financial planning calculators and software programs overestimate how much money you should plan on spending in retirement. And not surpr.more
  • Time for a Financial Tune Up?
    In the front window of the bike store near my home there's a big sign that reads, "FREE LIFETIME TUNE UPS!" When you buy a bicycle, as I did recently for my daughter Jenny, you can bring it back anytime for a free tune up. Having a tune up at least once a year is a great way to keep your bicycl.more
  • Why Plan Now For Retirement?
    Start Retirement Planning Now Financial advisors, financial journalists and other professionals are all telling us it's never too early to start planning for your retirement, but lots of them are leaving out some of the gory details that are truly frightening. Reporting from the last few years indic.more
  • Circle These Retirement-Planning Deadlines on Your Calendar
    Circle These Retirement-Planning Deadlines on Your Calendar By Paula Pant Who doesnt love the idea of retiring on a tropical beach, near a beautiful mountain vista, or in a wooded forest?   Retirement may be the dream, but in order to turn this dream into reality, you must keep a few dea.more