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A truly multi-disciplinary approach to all of your affairs.

R.E.A.P., Llc | Financial Advisor in Jacksonville ,FL

About R.E.A.P., Llc

The REAP Companies (Retirement & Estate Advisors & Professionals, LLC)

We at REAP, LLC. are proud to have helped many families and individuals over the years. Our firm uses a robust team approach to focus on retirement issues, estate planning needs and other various financial challenges.

REAP is a professional firm designed to assist families in protecting their assets and maintaining their standard of living. The following is a partial list of services we provide:

Asset Protection and Preservation

Estate Tax Limitation or Reduction

Wealth and Estate Transfer Planning

Individual and Family Trust Planning

Planning for Disability or Incompetence

Capital Gains Tax Reduction

Reduction of Taxes on Social Security Benefits

Income Tax Reduction and Increasing Spendable Income

Seminars Specializing in Estate, Income, Financial & Tax

Advisory Issues

Many families can better organize their estate, income, financial and tax affairs when they know about the many solutions that are available beyond what they are told by their stockbrokers, accountants and attorneys.

General Information

Firm Start Year:   2004
No.of Employees:   2-4
Insurance License#:   K070691
Name of Broker/Dealer:   REAP in Wealth Management, LLC
Name of Custodial Firm:   TDAmeritrade, Schwab
States Licensed in:   Florida, Georgia, Tennessee
Number of Years with Current Firm:   15
Work Experience:   Full service estate planning, income modeling, and independent financial advisory work.
I work with the following types of clients:   Investment Clubs, Individual Investors, Businesses


Investment Types:   Bonds, Commodities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Stocks, Insurance, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)
I can meet clients in the following ways:   At my office, At your home, At your office, Via phone, Via email

Qualifications & Memberships

Insurance and Annuity Licenses:   Annuity, Long Term Care, Life
Financial Organization Memberships:   MSFS, Society of Financial Services Professionals
Non-Financial Organization Memberships:   Certified Estate Planning network Certified Financial Fiduciary designation

Firm Information

Firm's Number of Clients:   400
Firm's Number of Planning Clients:   400
Firm's Number of Managed Clients:   250
Assets Managed by Firm:   26+MM
Advisor's Number of Clients:   400
Advisor's Number of Managed Clients:   150
Advisor's Number of Planning Clients:   400
Assets Managed by Advisor:   Same


Registered Investment Advisor:   Yes
Investment Advisor Representative:   Yes
I am an acknowledged fiduciary:   Yes
Compliance Disclosures in Last 5 years:   I have a clean record
Criminal Disclosures in Last 5 years:   I have a clean record

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:   Fee-Based
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts:   $25,000
Compensation Methods:   Based on Assets
Fee % Based on Assets:   1%


BA, Honors - Political Science & History  Indiana University - Bloomington, IN

Overseas Scholar - Economics, Social Sciences  Polytechnic of Central London (Westminster) - London, England

David H. Morgan MSFS, CEP®, CFF

David H. Morgan MSFS, CEP®, CFF


David Morgan has decades of experience in the investment, retirement and estate planning industry advising individuals, professionals, and families in these matters. Able to work throughout the country with his team of advisers and professionals, he coordinates and insures a completely customized plan for all of your affairs: estate planning, financial, income, and tax.

Certified Estate Planner (CEP®)
Masters of Science in Financial Services (Certifications as Certified Annuity Specialist, Board Certified in Estate Planning, Board Certified in Asset Allocation, Certified Funds Specialist, Retirement Income Specialist)
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF)
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm
Member of both the Better Business Bureau &
National Ethics Association
Paladin Member
B.A., Indiana University, Honors
Published: "Urban Land Use: Policy & Controls"
Elder & active member of his church, avid sports and exercise enthusiast,father, and married to a wonderful wife.
Strong advocate for the implementation and utilization of a multi-displinary and coordination of professional services. This comprehensive approach facilitates the protection, distribution, and preservation of your assets and the effectual transfer of your estate to your heirs.

Office Hours

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Communities Served


Awards & Recognitions

Elder, Chair of Stewardship Committee

Local Presbyterian Church.

Honors Thesis

Urban Land Use: Policy & Controls, published, 1976

State Debate Champion

State of Missouri, Ranked 12th in USA