• College-Funds

    Retirement desires are nourished by good planning. The more you delay the planning process, the more unfavourable the outcomes turn out to be. Planning includes tax saving, availing social security benefits, opening an IRA, asset allocation, and saving for college funds. While getting on the road as early as you can, is important, it is ...
  • Investment-advantage

    Most of us understand that an investment is a process of investing money in order to earn a profit. Usually, we make the mistake of relegating all our investments towards the later part of our adult lives – mostly after the age of 30 when we are well-settled in our careers and happily married. However, ...
  • Retirement-Savings

    Strategic planning, intellectual investing, and considerable savings give way to a happy retirement.  When you leave your job, you are free to create your own schedule. You also gain the liberty to pursue your interests without having to worry about missing office and losing out on a salary. This is only possible if you ensure ...
  • Financial-decision

    Money is an integral part of our lives and all of us are required to make decisions regarding it on a daily basis. Every day, we are faced with the choice of either spending our money for immediate gratification or saving it for eventual gain in the future.  Our ancestors in the past would have ...
  • Assets in a joint owenership

    It isn’t uncommon for people to set up their bank accounts, properties or various other assets in a manner where they have joint ownership with someone – either a spouse or other family member, and even a friend or business partner in some cases. While many people think that this is a good, cost-free replacement ...
  • Living-Trust

    Estate planning, simply put, is the management and distribution of one’s assets after their death or incapacitation. Its primary objective is to distribute a person’s estate to its rightful heirs, with a focus to reduce estate tax. Of the many methods involved in estate planning, the two basic ones are writing a will and setting ...
  • Estate-Plan

    Estate planning is an indisputable way to a secure future. Starting with the simple step of making a will, estate planning can also involve setting up a trust, preparing a power of attorney, protecting the interests of a minor, and much more. In fact, contrary to popular belief, everyone needs an estate plan even if ...
  • Financial-Goal

    The importance of savings is well-known, but just merely hoarding cash in a cabinet is of no use unless you have specific goals. Setting up financial goals can help you shape your future. Without a set of targets, you would find yourself spending on unnecessary items, and falling short of funds in case of an ...
  • Portfolio-Strategy

    Much like the market, your portfolio protection strategy should be dynamic in nature. With changing laws, market situations, economic expansion and downturn, the value of your assets and their tax liabilities also change. Creating a portfolio is not a one-time task. There will be many times when you will be required to make immediate decisions ...
  • Retirement-benefits

    Not getting everything exactly right remains a common inevitability about retirement planning. One isn’t always very sure about how their needs and expenses may change in the future. The best thing they can do is guess and estimate. But because of the unpredictability of the future, forecasting retirement benefits can sometimes lead to mistakes rather ...