• Investment-Portfolio

    Financial planning for your future can be challenging as there are so many variables that come into play. Inflation, changing needs, evolving lifestyles and habits, family responsibilities, health concerns, attitudes, and more can impact your future financial requirements. Investing can help cater to all of these needs. However, building an investment portfolio that can comfortably accommodate ...
  • financial-planning

    Doctors are one of the hardest working professionals in the world. Long hours, hectic schedules, emergency consultations, and surgeries sum up the life of a physician. Considering the extreme amount of time and dedication that doctors put in their work every day, they are naturally also among the highest-paid professionals in the workforce. This is ...
  • Roth IRA

    The cost of education in America can be burdening. In the last 30 years, the average college cost of a four-year public institution has increased by 213%. In the past decade alone, the cost of education has shot up by 29%, with private college tuition costs rising by 25%. If you have children or grandchildren ...
  • Financial Advisor

    Defined-benefit pension plans have been on a steady decline for the last couple of decades, while defined-contribution plans, such as 401(k) plans, have increased dramatically. In fact, defined benefit plans have declined from 148,096 plans in 1980 to 56,045 in 1998 (the last year data is available), while participation in defined-contribution plans has tripled during ...
  • Retirement-Plan

    Retirement planning can be an intricate process in all aspects. The place where you settle after retirement, the amount of money you would need in your retirement corpus, the impact of taxes on your retirement savings, and more, are some concerns that are likely to be on your mind when you plan for retirement. Considering ...
  • Retirement-Plans

    You work hard, struggle through life, and balance your finances only to have a good present and a secured tomorrow. The dream is to live in the moment but also prepare well for the future so that you can retire with peace, with enough savings and investments to last you for the rest of your ...
  • Retirement plans

    According to a recent survey, only 25% of people in the US have a financial plan. This means the percentage of people that have a retirement plan is even less than those with a financial plan. However, can you really afford to not plan for your retirement?  Moreover, with increasing healthcare expenses, increased lifespans, shrinking ...