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10 Key Questions You Should Ask Your Financial Advisor

As you get older, managing and gettingyour finances in order becomes a top priority. Navigating through your muddled finances can become stress-free and easy if you hire a the right advisor who not only provides you with...
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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Financial Advisor

Some of these looming questions often make financial planning a complicated and intimidating task for investors like youcausing youto worry enormously. But it doesn't have to be thatway! How much money should I invest and...
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Do You Know the Cost of Your Financial Advisor?

People often contemplate whether it is worth it to hire a financial advisor and many a time even challenge themselves by taking care of their finances themselves.An investment to hire an advisor often pays foritself as a...
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Social Security Retirement Income Planning - The Critical Path You Can't Afford To Miss

Like a critical life-saving operation where every move must be perfect and every minute counts, crafting and maintaining a retirement plan entails some of the most important decisions you will ever make. It should go without...
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Facing and Managing Investment Danger

The dangers facing today's investor have never been more deeply felt. The bloody lessons of the Great Crash of 2008 left no investor untouched, but some weathered the storm far better than others, and instead of facing...
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Are Your Retirement Growth Assumptions Reasonable

Making the right assumptions about future rates of return is critical. Investment returns assumptions can be an Achilles' heel in retirement analysis, and standardization is yet to emerge, even in the academic research. For...
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Make Sure Your Understand All Methods Of An Advisor's Compensation

Sadly, most investors don't know how they pay their advisors, and many can even make it look like they work for free. Even when clients know they must be paying something, the human mind will discount what is not obvious,...
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Only Half of Teens Say Gaining Financial Independence from Parents is a Goal for the Future

Financial Literacy Month Survey by Junior Achievement and AIG Delves into Teens Concerns about Money and Plans for the Future   Colorado Springs, CO  April 4, 2018  A new survey by Junior Achievement USA and AIG...
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Why Having a Budget Will Increase Your Wealth

Are you concerned about your finances? On a general scale, nearly forty-nine percent of Americans are either fearful, anxious or concerned about their current financial situation, and nearly half are living paycheck to...
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Increase Your Home's Value So You Can Sell It For More

If you're interested in selling your home, it's important to try to improve it so that you don't have to reduce its price, as 22 percent of homeowners have had to do at least once. It's valuable to know what potential buyers...
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Four Top Tips For Households Surviving On One Income

A family's finances dropping from two to one income can be a tough transition to manage. Splurging on luxuries and treats is a tough habit to break, but each year thousands of families find themselves having to do just that....
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Top 5 Ways To Ease Childcare Costs

Returning to work after having a baby is inevitable for most parents. However, childcare costs are hefty and substantially eat into a family's income. The average cost of a child, aged four years or younger, attending...
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