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About Elliott Guthrie Kendall Wealth Management

At Elliott Guthrie Kendall, we have one focus, YOU. While effective wealth management is the end game, it certainly is not the starting point. You are the starting point and the continuing focus. You - share with us your financial goals and dreams-we seek comprehension and provide individualized planning. You - will find that your goals and dreams will develop and may change over time-we seek clarification. You - are unique and your plans are unique-we seek customized, flexible solutions. You - deserve to know where your financial plan is at any given time-we seek communication and provide accessibility. You - should be assured all your data and conversations are private-we maintain a code of confidentiality. It is time to think about you and your family´s financial future. In short, we care about you, your family, your financial well-being, your dreams, your goals and your future. Consider putting the integrity, independence, professionalism, and personal attention of our team

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