Don't Forget to Have Fun With Your Money

Don't Forget to Have Fun With Your Money

A "Fun Fund" - a section of your budget dedicated to entertainment and indulgences - may be the little secret that will help your money go a bit further without making you think, "I can't afford it".

Dedicating a specific amount of money to your Fun Fund can help relieve the stress of overspending, force you to evaluate your purchases, and let you be creative about ways to maximize your money. Why feel guilty about your indulgences? After all, it's your money and you deserve to spend it, right?

Regardless of the size of your Fun Fund, the key point is that it will help you achieve other financial goals while allowing you to indulge a little bit. Read more about the benefits of starting a Fun Fund here: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/my-money/2014/07/29/why-you-need-a-fun-fund-in-your-budget