Review Your Social Security Statement

Review Your Social Security Statement The Social Security Administration automatically mails Social Security statements to all workers age 25 and older who do not yet receive benefits. The statements arrive annually, approximately three months before your birthday, and contain the following information:
  • Your estimated retirement benefits at age 62, full retirement age for Social Security purposes, and age 70. These benefits are stated in current dollars and do not reflect any cost-of-living adjustments that may apply before you retire.
  • Estimated disability benefits if you become disabled immediately.
  • Estimated survivors benefits for your children and spouse if you die in the current year.
  • Your Social Security and Medicare earnings since you started working.
When you receive your statement, make sure to:
  • Check your earnings record carefully.
    Your benefits are based on your reported earnings, so check all your earnings carefully. Any errors should be reported to the Social Security Administration.

  • Use this estimate when planning your retirement.
    The statement provides the Social Security Administration's best current estimate of your benefits when you retire. This is one factor you should consider when planning for retirement.

  • File the statement with other important documents.
    If something happens to you, this statement will give your family a good estimate of the benefits they can expect.