You and Your Financial Advisor: The Perfect Team

You and Your Financial Advisor: The Perfect Team Many investors rely upon Financial Advisors to help them manage their investment portfolio. Ideally the Financial Advisor and investor should work together, as a team, to find the right investments and make informed decisions that can help meet investment objectives. Below are some keys to developing a partnership with a financial advisor that likely will provide the best possible combination of service and long-term investment results.

Review your investment objectives.
Your Financial Advisor will help define your investment objectives, but he or she needs your assistance to do a thorough job. Start to think through your objectives before you meet. Your participation and feedback will greatly aid your Financial Advisor in formulating an investment strategy that fits your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Your questions will lead to being an informed investor.
Be sure you fully understand the investments your Financial Advisor recommends for your portfolio. If you don't, it's your responsibility as an investor to let your Financial Advisor know that you need more information. Don't be afraid to ask questions about your financial advisor's investment recommendations and advice, after all they're your investments!

Understand the risks with each investment.
It's important that you fully understand the risks in every investment you own and the reasons why the value of your investments may rise and fall. Your Financial Advisor can help explain the risks involved with each type of investment, and your questions will help make sure that nothing is overlooked. If you don't completely understand the risks associated with your investment, ask more questions until you do.

Meet regularly to review your portfolio.
Use these meetings to your advantage, go over your current investments, their performance and evaluate other investment opportunities. Scheduled meetings with your Financial Advisor is also a good time to inform him or her about significant changes in your life that could require shifts in your investment strategy. Also, major changes in the economy or new tax laws should also prompt a review.

Maintain up to date records.
Make sure your confirmations and account statements are reviewed and saved in a safe place. These documents help you monitor your investments on an on-going basis and will be useful come tax time. When you come across something you don't understand, ask for assistance from your Financial Advisor. The key is being an informed investor and keeping good records will aid you in this regard.

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