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Money Management

Saving Fundamentals


Why You Should Avoid Black Friday Sales

When money is tight, every dollar counts. As tempting as it may be, remember that Black Friday shopping doesn't really mean savings, it just means that you've spent money that could have otherwise earned you more. By Paula Pant.   Imagine this: It's Thanksgiving night. You've gobbled your... more

Managing Family Wealth


Teach Good Money Values

Are you making money decisions based on personal values? If not, you are probably not teaching your children to do so, either. In The Financially Intelligent Parent, 8 Steps to Raising Successful, Generous, Responsible Children, authors Eileen and Jon Gallo examine how parents can create an... more

Important Policy and Federal Reserve


Money Madness

Although just about everyone is blissfully unaware, we are now living in an era of monetary insanity. So much credit and liquidity is being supplied by the world's central banks on a more or less permanent basis that the entire financial world has become distorted. It has also changed people's... more

Need of Money Manager


Are You on Top of Your Bills?

Are you behind on your bill payments? If so, you're not alone, as one in three Americans is late on paying a bill. But do you know all of the consequences of paying bills late? A late bill payment can have negative effects on your credit report that last up to seven years. This can make it... more

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