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Real Estate investments: A Brief Discussion of Investment Real Estate

Can your House be considered "Investment Real Estate"? Many homeowners have often considered their home the best investment they ever made. This perception is fostered more by the long-term holding period of most homes than the increasing value of older homes. Unlike most securities, homes are...more

Your Home as a Source of Income in Retirement

If you're concerned that you may not be able to live comfortably on your retirement income, or if you'd simply like to improve your retirement lifestyle, you might want to take a fresh look at your home. In addition to being a valuable asset, your home may be a source of extra cash. However, since...more

This Is Not Your Grandmother's Real Estate Market

The U.S. housing market continues to roar, prompting increasingly ominous media reports of a housing 'bubble.' A national bubble remains unlikely, but there are increasing indications that prices in some prime markets - such as Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, San Diego, Los Angeles, and...more

Harvesting Home Equity

If you had enough money to pay off your mortgage right now, would you? I suspect most of you would do so without question. Isn't that the so called 'American Dream'? Why then do some of the most financially successful people in this country refuse to do so? In fact, these people have the...more

Is There a Real Estate Bubble?

Suggesting that real estate is or is not currently a good investment is fools errand. Much has been written already about a possible real estate bubble yet clients are asking about the White Oaks view on the issuer and what should be done and therein lies the purpose of this paper....more

How to Hold Real Estate In a Self-Directed IRA or Qualified Plan - Part 1

Introduction This article is meant to be an introduction to the topic and not an exhaustive guide. The topic is complicated, and I recommend that anyone interested in pursuing this type of investing seek the advice from the appropriate professionals so that you may be advised on the...more

How to Hold Real Estate In a Self-Directed IRA or Qualified Plan - Part 2

Part II: Using Your IRA For many years now, people have been using non-directly owned real estate in their IRAs and other retirement plans. These intangibles are investments like REITs and real estate mutual funds. But most people did not know that they could use their retirement plans to...more

A real estate bust? Do you believe the hype?

A real estate bust? Do you believe the hype? I think not! Anyone that is affected in any way whatsoever by the real estate market and its changes is familiar with the current media deluge of negative information about the current market. All you hear these days is gloom and doom from most real...more

Ruminations on Real Estate

Lately it seems many people have asked us for our opinion on individually-owned real estate as an investment (as opposed to publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), or purchasing a home to live in). This in itself may be a sign of a market top, but in any case I thought you might...more

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