Dave Samuels
Corinthian Wealth Management

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About Corinthian Wealth Management

The mission of Corinthian Wealth Management LLC a registered investment adviser is to assist you in defining and achieving your financial goals while providing a level of service that is unique in our industry.

We are committed to doing everything in our power to assist you in seeking financial independence, unyielding financial security and long-lasting peace of mind. The financial plan we develop for you is focused on one key concept: We work for you in helping you achieve the objectives that matter most to you. You can depend on our unbiased financial advice, and rest in the assurance that we always act in your best interests. We understand that you?ve spent a lifetime building and accumulating your financial assets. We appreciate that you come to us to help you in determining and preserving your financial legacy. We also understand that, in the end, results are an important factor in any client relationship.

Choosing a firm to manage the wealth you?ve spent a lifetime building is more than a matter of trust. It is a matter of commitment. When you place your confidence in Corinthian Wealth Management, you will find a company committed to developing a lasting and rewarding relationship with you

Dave Samuels

Dave Samuels