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About The Retirement Planning Group Inc

We are an independent advisory firm dedicated to providing unbiased, client-centered advice. This means you will have the amount of time and attention necessary to achieve your financial goals. Throughout the process, you will remain confident in the strategy your financial advisor sets forth. We will work closely with you as a team to ensure you are achieving your goals.

Every engagement with us is designed to be easy. From booking appointments to communicating with your advisor via phone app or text, opening accounts to accessing documents, and getting answers, we strive to make it the best experience you can find.

Your team will take the complicated subject matter and make it easy to digest and understand. If you are looking for complicated, confusing, or condescending, you are at the wrong place.

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General Information

Firm Start Year:   2004
Insurance License#:   6098929
Name of Custodial Firm:   Charles Schwab
Work with the following types of clients:   7685976861
Advisory Services Provided:   Investment Advice & Management, Insurance Products & Annuities, Financial Planning, Financial Planning for Individuals, Legal Advice and Services


Investment Types:   Bonds, Stocks
Can meet clients in the following ways:   Via Email, Via Phone, Video Conference, Your Home

Firm Information

Advisor's Number of Clients:   850
Assets Managed by Advisor:   $50000

Compensation and Fees

Compensation Methods:   Based on Assets, Hourly, Flat Fee


BA in Business Finance   Baker University

Financial Services

Portfolio Management

At The Retirement Planning Group, we absolutely take into account your attitudes toward risk, but we cross-reference that with the plan we've built for you.

If your plan dictates that we need 60% of your investments to be in stock and 40% in bonds, that will be the starting point of the conversation. Your plan (based on 100+ years of return probability) will dictate the allocation, not how any of us are feeling on a certain day.

We'll take that allocation further and customize it to make sure we have the perfect amount of cash in the accounts at all times, substitute recommended positions for the investments you already own and assign different allocations for different types of accounts (IRA vs Trust vs Roth IRAs).

Retirement Planning

When you engage with one of our Wealth Managers, they will sit down with you and show you your entire financial picture in real-time. It'll be simple, documented, and empowering! From there, they'll show you certain levers that can be pulled to help you save money in a better way, retire sooner, and help you to have more income in retirement.

When you are done, you'll have an easy-to-understand plan that will be assigned a confidence score, so you can have less stress and feel more optimistic.

Estate Planning & Trusts

We've done the footwork for you.

We've vetted several independent Estate Planning attorneys. These attorneys all focus solely on Estate Planning issues. They come to our offices to meet with our clients and work at pre-negotiated discounted rates.

As Estate Planning laws change, we'll refresh documents as necessary and you'll have one set of advisors looking out for generations to come!

Tax Advice and Services

We've married Wealth Management and tax advice. And as a result, not only do we prepare and file clients' tax returns - but we do it a new and unique way.

After all, if you can track your Amazon purchase and know exactly where it is in the country, why in the world can't tax be the same? At The Retirement Planning Group, we knew there was a better way - so we created a tax experience unlike any other. You are kept up to date with notifications on exactly where we are with the preparation and filing of your tax return!

Wealth Management

Who Needs A Wealth Management Advisor?

Anyone can benefit from wealth and financial management strategies. However, it is a different approach than just building for retirement or diversifying your investment portfolio or minimizing taxes. Wealth management is often the next step in one of these strategies, as it includes multiple strategies such as building wealth for retirement, planning your estate, looking into tax planning and preparation, and even life insurance, wills, and other financial planning opportunities. Typically, wealth management is geared towards high-net-worth individuals.

If you have multiple assets, own your own home, have money in retirement, think you need life insurance, or just are looking for the next step in your financial planning, wealth planning may be right for you and your family.

    17 Years of Experience

  • Firm CRD# 129625
  • Insurance License# 6098929
  • SEC File# 801-62655


Registered Investment Advisor:


Acknowledged fiduciary:


Compliance Disclosures in Last 5 years:

I have a clean record

Criminal Disclosures in Last 5 years:

I have a clean record

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