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Find Top Financial Advisors in Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, Missouri, considered the birthplace of the famous Route 66 which traverses the entire US, is the third largest city in Missouri. The cost of living is 12% lower than the national average in the US. So, finding a financial advisor who can help you meet your financial goals could be important to your future financial plans. There are over 1100 financial advisors in the Springfield area and finding the right advisor for you that meets your specific financial needs could prove to be quite daunting. At WiserAdvisor, it is our mission to connect people like you searching for the right fiduciary financial advisor to connect with a vetted advisor that would meet your requirements.

We have been in business for the last 2 decades and constantly update and maintain a highly trusted directory of vetted fiduciary advisors that meet rigorous standards. You need a financial advisor who will understand your specific financial situation, and has the relevant financial qualifications in Springfield, Missouri.

Finding the Top Financial Advisor in Springfield, Missouri

Last Updated - April 12, 2024

Springfield has 2 WiserAdvisor vetted Financial Planners and Advisors on the online list below for you to choose from. These financial advisors in Springfield, Missouri have an average of 10 years of experience.

NOTE: The list of vetted financial advisors in Springfield, Missouri mentioned below does not include all the advisors in our network due to their compliance listing restrictions. More vetted advisors may be available when you use our free match service to compare financial advisors near you in Springfield, Missouri.

Qualified Financial Advisors in Springfield, Missouri

Financial Advisor Experience AUM Minimum Assets Fee Structure
Nick Love
3032-B S. Fremont Ave,
Springfield, MO 65804
Not Disclosed Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Shuyang Balazi
1860 W Arbor St Suite 112,
Springfield, MO 65807
10 Years Not Specified $250,000 Fee-Only

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Information on Qualified Financial Advisors in Springfield, Missouri

Qualifications CRD# 2127851
Firm CRD# 5685
Series 6, 7, 63, 66

Office Location 3032-B S. Fremont Ave,
Phone Number 417-655-0519

Nothing compares to the feeling of helping a family or individual plan for their financial future. I'm Most Proud Of: Hearing from clients about how our team helped improve their life. There's nothing better! Click HERE To Learn More About Nick Love.

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At Prudential, our work helps drive a simple, powerful series of events: one that begins when individual and institutional clients come to us with financial challenges, both great and small. It’s a process we’ve refined since 1875, thanks to a mindset guided by our business strength and the intelligence of our solutions – each a standard bearer in the market. With our strong balance sheet, solid capital position, and talent that ranks among our industry’s best, we’re committed to creating solutions that help deliver confidence to the lives of our clients. We look forward to taking on your challenges, too.

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Qualifications CRD# 6375882
Firm CRD# 297178
Series 66

Compensation/Fee Fee-Only, Hourly, Flat Fee, Based on Assets

Office Location 1860 W Arbor St Suite 112,
Phone Number 417-350-1113

Shuyang Balazi is an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor, ready to work with you to ensure you and your family's financial future. Over the past years, she has worked with many clients to help them choose, invest, and manage plans that will offer suitable investments and excellent returns. As a financial planner, Shuyang's main goal is to help you make well-informed decisions on what types of investments are right for you. She also emphasizes the need to adjust investment plans as your goals and needs change. Shuyang will always listen to your concerns, share all information about potential investments, including benefits, risks, and treat your financial goals with the same care and interest that she devotes to her own. Shuyang looks forward to being yours trusted advisor and expert resource as you build a customized portfolio of investments. Shuyang is also a mother of two kids. Youngest one is 1 years old. The old one is 6 years old. Beside working, I like to hang out with my kids in the park. Show them the beautiful world. I also enjoy singing also crafting.

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Experienced financial planning and assets management professionals, who works with individuals, family, business owners and medical professionals, engineers to assist them make informed investment and financial decisions during life changing events. Also assist them reaching financial goals, for instance, retirement, investment goals, legacy assets goals and more We offer hourly financial planning, monthly fixed financial planning and full service financial planning. If you want to learn more information, you can check out the website www.capital360financial.com

Advisory Services Provided:

Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, 401K Rollovers, Wealth Management, Money Management, Education Funding and Planning, Financial Advice & Consulting, Financial Planning for Individuals, Financial Planning for Businesses, Investment Advice & Management, Estate Planning & Trusts

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Top Financial Advisor Firms in Springfield, Missouri (Ranked by AUM)

Firm Name No. of Advisors No. of Clients AUM Fee Structure
910 East St Louis St, Springfield, MO 65806
120 12298 $7,888,121,845
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees
300 South Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO 65806
18 147 $4,270,640,808
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees, Performance Based, Other (A PERCENTAGE OF ASSETS UNDER ADVISEMENT)
1201 E. Walnut Street, Springfield, MO 65802
7 1471 $441,017,499
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees
620 W. Republic Road, Suite 104, Springfield, MO 65807
13 1776 $252,030,050
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Subscription Fees, Fixed Fees, Other (SHARES IN FEES PAID TO THIRD PARTY ADVISERS; % OF PLAN ASSETS)
3242 East Ridgeview St., Springfield, MO 65804
4 492 $105,130,106
A Percentage of AUM, Fixed Fees, Other (THIRD PARTY ADVISOR FEES)
2847 S. Ingram Mill Road, Suite B102, Springfield, MO 65804
3 640 $100,080,378
A Percentage of AUM

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To determine the trustworthiness and reliability of a financial advisor in Missouri, it's important to conduct complete research and background checks through reputable regulatory bodies like FINRA and the SEC. These organizations regulate the financial industry and can help ensure that advisors are held to high ethical standards. You can also check online reviews, ask for referrals from friends and family, and do your research to verify the advisor's credentials and track record. If you are searching for a trustworthy financial advisor, we recommend using the free financial advisor match tool to find and compare pre-screened and vetted advisors matched to your needs.

    The cost of hiring a financial advisor in Missouri varies depending on the advisor's experience, services, and fee structure. Some advisors charge a percentage of assets under management, ranging from approx. 1.02% or a fixed rate of approx. $7,500 and above. Meanwhile, other advisors charge an hourly rate, fee-based, or solely earn a commission from financial product sales. It's important to understand the advisor's fee structure and any potential conflicts of interest before engaging in their services. To get a better understanding of how financial advisors charge and the factors influencing their fees, read more on what are the costs of hiring a financial advisor.

    Yes, there are financial advisors in Missouri who specialize in retirement planning for high-net-worth individuals. These advisors typically have expertise in addressing the specific needs and goals of high-net-worth clients and managing complex financial situations. They can also provide guidance on investment strategies, tax planning, wealth preservation, and legacy planning to optimize retirement outcomes for individuals with significant wealth. For additional information, refer to our guide on retirement planning for high-net-worth individuals.

    A financial advisor in Missouri can help you prepare for retirement by creating a comprehensive financial plan that takes into account your current assets, income, expenses, and future goals. They can help you develop a savings strategy, choose retirement accounts, and manage your investments. Additionally, a financial advisor can help you plan for potential healthcare expenses during retirement and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. To learn more about how an advisor can help you prepare for retirement, read on about why you should hire a retirement advisor.

    Many financial advisors in Missouri are also tax professionals or work closely with tax professionals to help clients with tax planning and optimization. These professionals can help you identify tax-saving strategies and recommend tax-efficient investment options by analyzing your current tax situation. However, the WiserAdvisor directory for the state of Missouri may not include advisors that specialize in providing tax-related services. In the "Advisory Services Provided" section, you will be able to confirm if tax planning and optimization are among the services an advisor offers.

    The typical minimum asset requirement for working with a financial advisor in Missouri can vary. While some advisors might have specific minimum investment thresholds, many are willing to offer valuable guidance and support regardless of the size of your portfolio. Even if you have a relatively small amount to invest, an advisor can assist you in creating a customized plan to achieve your financial goals, manage risks, and make well-informed decisions. To learn more about how financial advisors can help with investment management and portfolio growth, consider exploring the impact of asset allocation on your investments.

    Financial advisors listed on our directory for the state of Missouri provide a variety of financial services such as investment planning, retirement planning, wealth management, education planning, tax planning, estate planning, and more. In the "Advisory Services Provided" section, you will be able to confirm which services are provided by each advisor. To further explore how financial advisors can support you for your specific financial situation read who financial advisors are and what they do.

    Working with a financial advisor in Missouri can offer many benefits. As the advisor's client, you can benefit from the advisor's extensive knowledge, experience, and perspective resulting in you gaining peace of mind. Working with a financial advisor can also save you time managing your finances, help minimize investment risks, and potentially increase your investment returns as they can also help you identify areas of financial weakness and recommend strategies for improvement. To learn more, read on about the benefits of working with a financial advisor.

    Yes, there are financial advisors in Missouri who specialize in helping individuals who are retiring without a retirement plan. These advisors understand the unique challenges faced by individuals in this situation and can provide guidance on creating a financial roadmap for retirement. They may assist in developing strategies to maximize savings, establish a sustainable retirement income, and explore investment options suited for late-stage retirement planning. To gain a deeper understanding of late-life retirement planning read on about how to plan for retirement if started late.

    Yes, a financial advisor in Missouri can help you prepare for your child's college expenses by analyzing your current financial situation, setting college savings goals, and providing guidance on college savings vehicles, such as the 529 College Savings Plan. Advisors can also help you navigate financial aid options when it is time for your child to go to college. To learn more about effective ways to save for college, read on about the best approaches to plan for a college education.

    While already having a 401(k) or other retirement account is a positive step towards saving for retirement, a financial advisor in Missouri can provide helpful guidance and expertise beyond just managing your retirement account. They can help you set and prioritize your financial goals, optimize your investment strategy, manage risk, and provide knowledgeable financial market insights. With their knowledge and experience, a financial advisor can help you make informed decisions, navigate complex financial situations, and maximize the potential of your retirement savings. Explore why and when you might require a financial advisor to gain a better understanding of their role.