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WiserAdvisor has over 20 years experience in matching the right financial advisor that is best suited to individuals like you in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. You need a financial advisor who will understand your financial situation and have the relevant financial qualifications to provide you with the right financial guidance and an insightful edge towards your financial journey.

Qualifications of Financial Advisors in Hilton Head Island

Each and every financial advisor in our network from large Fortune 500 companies to small independent financial firms are pre-screened for industry experience, disclosures and registrations with SEC and FINRA. Collectively, our Pre-Screened advisors, serve thousands of happy clients, managing billions of dollars and providing financial freedom and security for families and individuals like you.

Qualified Financial Advisors in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Financial Advisor Office Location Phone Number
Bruce Brenner Wood
Hilton Head Capital Partners
7 Lafayette Place,
Hilton Head Island, SC  29926
(833) 300-4427
Jason Allen, CFA®
Chatham Capital Group
90 Main Street, Suite A,
Hilton Head Island, SC  29926
(404) 245-6987
Amy Peirsol
Creative Planning
Savannah, GA  31411
(912) 438-2098
Kimberly Good CFP®, CIMA®,
KCG Investment Advisory Services LLC
315 Commercial Dr. Suite C1,
Savannah, GA  31416
(912) 335-8071

Information on Qualified Financial Advisors in Hilton Head Island

Qualifications CRD# 844688
FirmCRD# 299375
Series 65

Compensation/Fee Fee Only, Based on Assets, Hourly

Office Location 7 Lafayette Place,
Suite B,
Hilton Head Island,
Phone Number (833) 3004427

With more than 40 years of investment, banking and financial experience, Bruce knows firsthand about asset preservation and keeping his clients on a steady investment course during volatile markets and changing economic times. Bruce's career path began in Richmond, Virginia, where he worked as a bank officer and financial analyst after serving as a Special Agent in Army Intelligence during the Vietnam conflict and receiving the Army Commendation Medal. He subsequently joined Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor and continued to build on his investment management experience over the years with Prudential Securities, EF Hutton/Smith Barney and UBS PaineWebber, before joining Wells Fargo Advisors. Bruce received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University at Los Angeles. In his free time, you will find Bruce involved with antique automobiles, as a member of the Lowcountry Oyster & Motorcar Driving Society in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Over the years, Bruce has contributed to his community by serving as Past President of Lions Club International, Past President and Lt. Governor of Kiwanis International, and Special Olympics. He has also served his local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). On a personal note, Bruce and his wife, Karen, are blessed with a daughter who resides in Annapolis, Maryland, and proudly served for 12 years as a U.S. Naval Officer. Bruce and Karen also have two retired racing greyhounds, and both volunteer to promote greyhound adoption awareness in their community.

About Hilton Head Capital Partners

Hilton Head Capital Partners founder, Bruce Wood, believes that regardless of the size of the company or the investment portfolio, that clients are looking for the same thing, an honest relationship with a professional who genuinely values their needs and concerns. There are always things that happen in life that we cannot control or plan for, we help you prepare for the unplanned as well as the planned.

Qualifications FirmCRD# 106174

Compensation/Fee Fee Only

Office Location 90 Main Street, Suite A,
Hilton Head Island,
Phone Number (404) 2456987

Since joining Chatham Capital Group in 2014, Jason has provided financial advice and portfolio management services for his select group of clients. He also serves on the research committee to develop the firm's investment strategy. Prior to Chatham, Jason was responsible for portfolio management and investment strategy at Boys, Arnold & Company's Hilton Head Island office (2010 to 2014). Other previous positions include: managing partner at Atlanta Equity Research (2002 to 2009), equity research analyst at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey (1998 to 2002), and financial analyst at Delta Airlines (1996 to 1998) Jason received a B.S. in finance (1994) and an M.B.A. (1996) from Wake Forest University.

About Chatham Capital Group

After three decades of managing investment portfolios for institutional clients, the founders established Chatham Capital Group in 1996 to provide professional, unbiased wealth management advice to individuals, families, and their related foundations, as well as to manage their own financial affairs. Our firm is profitable and thriving, and we are honored to oversee $500 million in client assets under management.

What Makes Us Different?
Our Interests Are Completely Aligned with Yours. We are fiduciaries. We do not sell any products or collect any commissions. When our clients succeed, we succeed. We have a long history of helping clients achieve their financial goals, and our sole mission is superior client service and results. Clients Receive Personal Attention. Each principal works with a limited number of clients, far fewer than typical investment firms, allowing us to focus on client satisfaction. Our clients are family to us, and we treat them accordingly. We will never sacrifice our high service standards for growth. We meet with clients frequently in person, and our professionals are always accessible. Our Team Is Highly Experienced and Knowledgeable. Our financial professionals include five CFA® charterholders, the highest set of credentials in the global investment management industry. Our principals average over 25 years of experience, having managed money in many different types of wealth management environments. We have expertise in, and help clients with, investment management, estate planning, financial planning, and tax planning and analysis. We are our clients financial quarterback, helping guide them through challenging and complex issues. We Are Local and Independent. Our firm is 100% owned by our principals. We have a strong local presence in our markets, and our professionals are actively involved in the Savannah and Hilton Head Island communities. We have no affiliation with or obligation to any other company, and our firm is structured entirely to best serve our clients. Since 1996, we have been truly independent, and we will remain so.

Qualifications CRD# 4444654
FirmCRD# 105348

Office Location ---,
Phone Number (912) 4382098

About Creative Planning

At Creative, our mission is to provide our clients with the best path to wealth accumulation, retention, and transfer of assets by creating and implementing strategies that are tailored to their unique goals. We are driven to provide our clients with uncluttered, professional advice that enhances their quality of life and leads to sustained and actionable solutions. We offer thorough counsel on each client's wealth management issues. Our goal is to provide clients with clarity, to educate, and to make significant and tangible progress toward every client's financial goals. We are our client's financial advocate, striving to organize and simplify life in such a way that maximizes the family's enjoyment of their wealth now and in the future. As a nationally recognized leader in the wealth management community, we are focused on providing clients with customized investment plans and comprehensive wealth management services. At Creative, we believe a client's portfolio must take into account where they are and where they want to go, as well as all of the unique circumstances that apply to their situation. For over 30 years, we have been working with individuals and institutions to customize and manage portfolios designed to optimize the probability of success. We take our role as trusted advisor seriously, using proprietary strategies and techniques we have developed over the course of multiple market cycles.

Qualifications CRD# 1858207
FirmCRD# 150083

Compensation/Fee Fee Only, Based on Assets, Hourly

Office Location 315 Commercial Dr. Suite C1,
Phone Number (912) 3358071

Kimberly is a thirty-year veteran of the financial services industry, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), an accomplished investment expert (CIMA®), and a Certified Personal Wealth Advisor (CPWA®). Kimberly has expertise in the development of personalized financial plans; in particular, the implementation of those plans including investment management. Kimberly has experience as a Trust Officer, within the Life Insurance Industry, and was a Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor for boutique investment advisory firms before launching KCG in 2009. In those roles, she has managed as much as $200 million in assets at any given time, providing Wealth Management and Advice for Individuals and Retirement Plans.

About KCG Investment Advisory Services LLC

KCG helps you plan and invest for the impact you desire; for you personally, your family, select charities, or global causes. Your impact can be a legacy for and influence on many generations to come! KCG delivers on an exceptional value proposition, providing meaningful guidance and concierge wealth management services that include practical financial planning and goals-based investment strategies. Our modern, real-world solutions are based upon collaborative, attainable targets over time, and our implementation process leverages both technical and human resources. KCG's offices are equipped with the technology necessary to provide sophisticated planning, security, and compliance. Registered in Georgia, South Carolina, and Michigan, KCG currently serves satisfied Clients in 12 states and Costa Rica. Senior Advisor, Kimberly Good, and KCG have established, synergistic relationships with legal, accounting, trust administration, life care advocacy, and specialized investment professionals who are always available to assist in the implementation of your plan. We can work with your current advisors to expand your existing team or help to fill any advisory needs at your discretion. Kimberly is a thirty-year veteran of the financial services industry, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and an accomplished Certified Investment Management Analyst(CIMA). She earned CIMA credentials through The Wharton School Aresty Institute of Executive Education and The Investment and Wealth Institute. Kimberly has expertise in the development of personalized financial plans; in particular, the implementation of those plans including investment management. Kimberly has experience as a Trust Officer, has advanced certifications within the Life Insurance Industry, and was a Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor for boutique investment advisory firms before beginning KCG in 2009. In those roles, she has managed as much as $200 million in assets at any given time, providing Wealth Management and Advice for Individuals and Retirement Plans. Client Support Specialist, Christina Martinez-Harrison supervises office staff, managing the delivery of superior, personalized service for each valued Clients. Christina has an impressive work history including Registered Broker, Sales Consultant, Advisory Consultant, and Systems Administrator. She sets a pleasant, friendly mood for the office and is a talented problem-solver. We believe that it is our responsibility to positively influence all with whom we come into contact, through service, and by example. As our Clients prosper, we prosper, our families and friends prosper, and in turn, our community prospers!

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