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WELCOME TO INCOME FOR LIFE SAFETY-FIRST RETIREMENT PLANNING Where we help people who are serious about their money and their life. We help you keep more of your money. Our objective is to understand the whole picture of finances and investments, free of media and popular influence and bias. If you can situate your assets such that you are in the zero percent tax bracket in retirement, then you have effectively insulated yourself from the impact of higher taxes. If youre in the zero percent tax bracket and tax rates double, two times zero is still zero! Conventional wisdom says you will be in a lower tax bracket in retirement than during your working years...and that made sense in the 70s... but it doesnt hold true for the current situation. The truth is that a lot of the deductions you enjoy when youre working disappear once you retire, and many people end up in a higher tax bracket instead.

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Services:   Zero Financial Line, Qualified Plans, Income for Life Lessons, Social Security Claiming Strategies

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