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Each and every financial advisor in our network from large Fortune 500 companies to small independent financial firms are pre-screened for industry experience, disclosures and registrations with SEC and FINRA. Collectively, our Pre-Screened advisors, serve thousands of happy clients, managing billions of dollars and providing financial freedom and security for families and individuals like you.

Qualified Financial Advisors in Vancouver, Washington
Financial Advisor Office Location Phone Number
Thomas Daniels
Oswego Crest Financial Group, LLC
5000 Meadows Road,
Lake Oswego, OR  97035
(503) 496-5400
Matt Carver
Pfs Investments Inc.
West Linn, OR  97068
(866) 638-5323
Andreas Johnson
Creative Planning
Portland, OR  97307
(503) 717-3860

Information on Qualified Financial Advisors in Vancouver

Qualifications CRD# 4161304
FirmCRD# 8032
Series 7, 63, 65

Office Location 5000 Meadows Road,
Lake Oswego,
Phone Number (503) 4965400

Growing up in a small town like Sweet Home, Oregon, was very special. It was a thriving community when I was young. Logging and the timber industry were the major sources of income for much of the area. I was blessed to have my great-grandmothers, all grandparents, and numerous aunts and uncles nearby. I went on to graduate from Oregon State University with a degree in financial management and was also a member of the successful 1985 and 1986 OSU Beaver baseball teams. After a 13-year career in transportation and logistics, I moved into the financial world as an advisor. During these early career years, I was lucky enough to meet my wife, Lisa, and we later had our daughter, Olivia. We love to travel as a family and have been to many national parks and made a couple of trips to Europe. I enjoy giving back to the community. I have been involved in Elders in Action, a nonprofit elder advocacy group, as well as supporting a scholarship fund in the memory of my father. I also enjoy golf, hiking, and following Beaver sports teams. I assist in planning meetings and the operational side of new client relationships. I am an Investment Adviser Representative and Registered Representative of Commonwealth Financial Network®.

About Oswego Crest Financial Group, LLC

Oswego Crest Financial Group, LLC is an independent firm offering access to financial planning services and investment mangement. We are committed to being independent in our thinking and completely objective in our advice. Unencumbered by many of the conflicting interests of traditional wall street firms, Oswego Crest is dedicated to delivering a unique client experience that focuses on you.

Qualifications CRD# 5508035
FirmCRD# 10111
Series 6, 26, 63, 65

Compensation/Fee Fee Only

Office Location *,
West Linn,
Phone Number (866) 6385323

Matt is passionate about helping other people. Matt learned early on his family was given the wrong investment advice and this fueled his desire to make a positive impact for others. Matt became an investment representative in 2007 and an investment adviser representative in 2012 & has served in leadership roles in the areas of practice development, management, and marketing. His passion is educating and serving clients' best interest in a fiduciary capacity. He is an Investment Adviser Representative holding active Series 65,6,63,26 licenses. He enjoys consulting with individuals and businesses helping clients build a strong investment strategy with managed money in a fiduciary capacity.

About Pfs Investments Inc.

Your Success is Our Focus Philosophy Primerica Advisors believes that clients' investment needs are best served when advice is delivered from an independent and objective viewpoint. Primerica Advisors does not create investment models or manufacture mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs). Instead, we seek out professional asset managers who have measurable track records that validate their approach to investing. We believe that through extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis, sound judgment and a consistent process, we can identify quality asset managers and investment models for our clients. We Seek to: Provide unbiased evaluations of asset managers and models Identify asset managers that construct strategic, tactical, or asset class specific portfolio solutions Regularly monitor and review asset managers, asset allocation, and security selection decisions Provide investment and educational insights on solutions to help clients achieve investing goals The Due Diligence Process Primerica Advisors provides upfront selection and ongoing due diligence on asset managers and investment models. Primerica Advisors' evaluations are based on a consistent process: Step 1: Manager Sourcing Step 2: Multi-Faceted Evaluation Primerica Advisors focuses on three critical areas of manager evaluation. These include organizational strength and leadership, depth of investment process, and performance results. Step 3: Ongoing Monitoring and Review Primerica Advisors' ongoing due diligence process includes quarterly and annual monitoring. Simplicity Primerica Advisors Lifetime Investment Platform offers the ability to have multiple investment models in one account, with one statement and one fee.

Qualifications CRD# 5834893
FirmCRD# 105348

Office Location ---,
Phone Number (503) 7173860

About Creative Planning

At Creative, our mission is to provide our clients with the best path to wealth accumulation, retention, and transfer of assets by creating and implementing strategies that are tailored to their unique goals. We are driven to provide our clients with uncluttered, professional advice that enhances their quality of life and leads to sustained and actionable solutions. We offer thorough counsel on each client's wealth management issues. Our goal is to provide clients with clarity, to educate, and to make significant and tangible progress toward every client's financial goals. We are our client's financial advocate, striving to organize and simplify life in such a way that maximizes the family's enjoyment of their wealth now and in the future. As a nationally recognized leader in the wealth management community, we are focused on providing clients with customized investment plans and comprehensive wealth management services. At Creative, we believe a client's portfolio must take into account where they are and where they want to go, as well as all of the unique circumstances that apply to their situation. For over 30 years, we have been working with individuals and institutions to customize and manage portfolios designed to optimize the probability of success. We take our role as trusted advisor seriously, using proprietary strategies and techniques we have developed over the course of multiple market cycles.

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A financial advisor can help you manage your finances especially when you don't have the time to do it yourself or when there are major changes in your life, such as getting married or having a baby. Even if you've managed your investment on your own, the best financial planners can vet your plan and assess it from a different perspective, to add surety to your decisions. Learn more about the best time to hire a financial advisor.

While choosing a financial planner to help you with your investment decisions, it's important to do some spadework. Meet different consultants and compare and contrast their advice. Pick up clues that demonstrate their experience and integrity. It is also important to verify the credentials of an independent financial planner before making a decision. Read the guide on choosing the best financial advisor.

Finding the right person or a financial advisory firm to help with your retirement planning might take some effort, but the effort is worth it. Financial advisors might have different specializations, look for one who has had past experience in retirement planning. Also, this could translate to a long - term relationship, so it's important to find someone whom you like, trust and respect. Read here the importance of retirement planning.

A fiduciary is any person or firm who acts on behalf of another individual or firm to manage their assets. Fiduciary financial advisors provide their client the highest quality of care while maintaining 'good faith', meaning they wouldn't act in favor of anyone else's interests, including their own. The best way to be certain that a financial advisor is a fiduciary is to simply ask. Learn more about what is a fiduciary financial advisor.

A financial advisor is any person who helps their client manage their money by giving valuable investment insights to help financial decision making. A financial planner is also a financial advisor but specializes in creating comprehensive plans for their clients to match their specific goals. Learn more about financial advisor vs financial planner: Who do you need?