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Annuity is a financial product sold by financial institutions. It is usually connected with insurance companies and contains funds which are set aside for a certain period of time. Annuities in your financial planning provide a considerable benefit on your retirement. An annuity is a type of insurance policy that provides a regular income in exchange for a lump sum. It is primarily used as a medium of acquiring a fixed cash flow during retirement years for an individual. The money invested in annuity is returned in increments as guaranteed income plans for a stipulated period of time, such as 10 years and 15 years or may be the duration of ones life. It is offered by different institutions but the common feature of all annuities is that they provide guaranteed returns over a fixed period of time and tax-deferral status. This can be treated as a fixed reliable income for future. It will not be a wise decision for everyone to purchase annuity plan. It is compatible for those who have fixed monthly income, have large amount of money, won a lottery or lawsuit settlement recipients. But thorough research is necessary to know and understand more about annuity and different types of annuity available for you. Advisors will certainly guide you to procure the best plan but basic knowledge about different annuities sold by financial institutions will help you to take right decisions. After all its you who will be contributing for your own future. Before getting into any Annuity contract, it is better to look around. Advisors will help you to identify the suitable annuity which will best suit your financial goals. Carefully review the options made available to you. Ask questions and analyze if the answers are in favor of your best interest. Doing this will help you determine a wiser advisor, company and annuity plan which will be right for you.

What is an annuity, when is it appropriate, and why should you buy one

Learn more about annuities and how and when they may be a good option for retirement.

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Should I Consider An Annuity?

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