Where to Keep Estate Documents and for How Long?

Where to Keep Estate Documents and for How Long? There's never a shortage of documents, especially in the financial world. Here's a list of what to keep, where and for how long.

Item Where How Long
Adoption Papers Safety Deposit Box Forever
Veteran's papers Safety Deposit Box Forever
Birth Certificate Safety Deposit Box Forever
Deeds/Titles Safety Deposit Box Forever
Health records Safety Deposit Box Forever
Pension paperwork Safety Deposit Box Forever
Stocks/Bonds Safety Deposit Box Forever
Wills Safety Deposit Box Forever
Credit Report File Until new one ordered
Employee benefits File Until new one received
Insurance policies Safety Deposit Box Forever
Loan paperwork File Payoff +10yrs
Receipts File Warranty expires
Soc Sec statement File Until new one comes
Bank Statements File 7 years
Cancelled checks File 7 years
Tax returns File 7 years post File
Home receipts File 7 years post sale
Investment records File 7 years post sale
Warranties File Until item is disposed
Vehicle repairs File Until vehicle is sold
Passport Safety Deposit Box Until it expires

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