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Life Insurance Basics


How to Keep those Life Insurance Premiums Low

Have you ever thought about purchasing life insurance? Lately I've been doing research on life insurance and found out that the premiums people pay can vary greatly. Studies show that three fundamental factors that affect your premiums considerably: gender, age and smoking habits. In short, men pay more than women, older people pay more than younger people, and smokers pay more than non-smokers. But how much do each of these factors impact the premium that you'll pay? To find out, read more... more

Long Term Care Insurance


Top Ten Features of Long Term Care Insurance

Will you outlive your resources? As health awareness increases and medical care improves, we can expect to live longer than any generation before us. As we live longer, the need for care in our latter years increases. Illness and injury can be prevented and cured, but the odds are we'll still need assistance with the activities of daily living. Long term care is a reality. Long term care insurance can be the means to provide the necessary support. Why consider long term care... more

Property and Liability Insurance


NFIP Coverage Becoming a Bigger Concern for Property Owners and Investors

By Justin Stoltzfus. The National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, administered by the Federal Emergency Management Administration, has been in place for a long time as a way to help property owners hedge against flood risk. Now, more of those who have invested in real estate across the country are asking questions about their premium rates and what's likely to happen to them in the future. As federal agencies are careful to remind property owners, most private home-insurance policies... more

Medical Insurance and Medicare


Could the Affordable Care Act Improve the U.S.' Failing Health-Care Grade?

By James O'Brien. When it comes to the health care system in the United States, we might be closer to the end of unaffordable services and the barriers to access they create. But we're not out yet. A new report (link opens PDF) by the Commonwealth Fund, which has been assessing and ranking health care around the world for years in its Mirror Mirror on the Wall series, paints a grim picture for the U.S. Based on quality, effectiveness, access, efficiency, and equity, the rankings were as... more

Disability Insurance


What about Disability Insurance?

While most people understand the need for life insurance, the need for disability income insurance is less widely understood, probably due to several misconceptions: Misconception: Your odds of a long-term disability are small. Reality: At all age groups, the odds of a disability are higher than the odds of death. Every year, 12% of U.S. adults incur a long-term disability. One of every seven workers will have a long-term disability lasting five years or longer (Source: Money Central,... more