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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance: Factors that Affect Your Premium

Disability insurance is known by various names such as Disability Income Protection, Disability Income Insurance, or Income Replacement Insurance. The basic function of all of the policies is the same - to replace your earned income in the event you cannot earn a living due to a sickness or... more

Long Term Care Insurance

Planning for Long-term Care

Daily, 13 million people need assistance with routine activities such as dressing, eating and bathing, according to the Direct Care Alliance. Four out of 10 people turning 65 can anticipate stays in a nursing home, and by the year 2025, 78 million Americans will be over age 65. Most health... more

Medical Insurance and Medicare

ACA in April: Enrollment Extensions (and What Happens if You Missed the Deadline)

By James O'Brien It certainly didn't go off without a hitch. The deadline to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act came and went on March 31, but enrollment websites crashed, marketplace phone lines groaned, and waiting times stretched on and on. Some made it through,... more

Property and Liability Insurance

NFIP Coverage Becoming a Bigger Concern for Property Owners and Investors

By Justin Stoltzfus. The National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, administered by the Federal Emergency Management Administration, has been in place for a long time as a way to help property owners hedge against flood risk. Now, more of those who have invested in real estate across the country... more

Life Insurance Basics

How to Keep those Life Insurance Premiums Low

Have you ever thought about purchasing life insurance? Lately I've been doing research on life insurance and found out that the premiums people pay can vary greatly. Studies show that three fundamental factors that affect your premiums considerably: gender, age and smoking habits. In short, men... more

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