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Financial Advice

How to Choose a Financial Advisor


Investment Knowledge and the Financial Advisor

Learning how to become an effective investor takes a lot of time and energy. Make sure that youre willing to put forth the effort. Investment Knowledge and the Financial Advisor Financial advisors have years, even decades, of experience and knowledge that they use to help you invest wisely. Many have important certifications, such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), that signal dedication to their craft. Many also undergo training as part of their... more

Why Do I Need an Advisor?


Long Term Buy and Hold or Day Trade?

What's the best way to invest your money? In my parent's day, conventional wisdom was that the best investment strategies for accumulating wealth were built on safety and security. This usually translated into a belief in 'the American Dream' ' home ownership ' and 'squirreling' away money into FDIC-insured passbook accounts, CDs, T-bills and other more secure instruments. Little did they know that I'd enjoy making finance my career. Fast forward to today. Since the beginning of this... more

What is a Financial Advisor?


How are Financial Advisors Paid?

By Thomas Drew.   It's important to trust the people who give us financial advice and in order to trust them, we need to know how they are paid. Your advisor will shape your retirement, your lifestyle, and maybe even your children's education. It's important to understand how your advisor is compensated, so that you can look out for any conflicts of interest. Fortunately, the ways financial advisors are paid are relatively simple and can be grouped into 5 general methods: percentage of... more