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Financial Advice

How to Choose a Financial Advisor


Make Sure The Advisor Is Highly Trained In Financial Matters

By Dr. Jeff Camarda EA, PhD Financial Planning, MSFS, CFA | REQUEST FREE CONSULTATION Perhaps surprisingly, it is very quick and easy to become a financial "advisor". The government licenses required can be obtained quite rapidly, with very little depth of study or knowledge required. Regulatory agencies  the States and the Federal government for securities (stocks, mutual funds, etc), and the States alone for insurance (including life insurance products and annuities)  require only... more

What is a Financial Advisor?


Best Financial Practices And How To Implement Them

By Greg Gulick, CFP® | REQUEST FREE CONSULTATION   Think about your retirement. When you hang up your stethoscope, will your budget allow for fine dining in Paris or will it be restricted to a burger in Paris, Texas instead? Understanding your financial priorities today and what it takes to fulfill your financial goals is an important part of the long-term health of your financial plan. Building your wealth and investment portfolio and staying financially healthy will be much easier... more

Why Do I Need an Advisor?


The Need for Financial Advisors

Managing Your Financial Resources: The Need for Financial Advisors Money is one of the essential and necessary resources that every individual, no matter what the status, condition and current lifestyle needs. Every transaction, exchange and undertaking usually involves the use of money or its equivalents. With the growing need of every individual and given the wide variety of choices, it becomes clearly apparent that money is not an abundant resource of any individual. The Need for Financial... more