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We Can't All Be Millionaires. Or Can We?

Jamie Tardy, a blogger and author, always dreamed about being a millionaire. To find out more about what differentiates millionaires, she interviewed over 130 people with a net worth of at least $1 million and distilled four key components that set millionaires apart from the average Joe. Do you... more

Employee Benefits


Network to Increase your Chances of Securing a Job

For the job seekers who sit behind computers and laptops, scanning for the dream job, you might be be going about it the wrong way. It's all about networking. It has the possibility for making long-lasting connections and creating potential job opportunities.By connecting with new peers that share... more

Protecting Company Assets


The Eight D's of Buy Sell Agreements

Most closely held businesses, especially multi-owner corporations and partnerships need to have a buy-sell agreement in place. Individually owned businesses can also profit from the use of a buy-sell agreement. This is essential for smooth transition of ownership upon the occurrence of several... more

Starting Your Business


Organizing Your Business as a Limited Liability Company

As a sole proprietor, you've enjoyed watching your business take off. Your customer base is building, orders are steady, and your overhead is under control. But with this growth, you now realize you can't handle everything yourself. You need to attract investors, take on a few associates,... more

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