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Gevorg Azizi
Gevorg Azizi
Portfolio Manager
180 N. LaSalle Street,
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 3725000
Mr. Azizi has led in developing the exchange-traded fund (ETF) portfolio management solution. In doing so, Mr. Azizi takes a holistic approach to portfolio management, leveraging the investment committee?s expertise to provide a tailored and fully diversified ETF based portfolio. The portfolio targets an agreed upon strategic mix of equity and fixed-income exchange traded products. Our disciplined investment philosophy provides diversified exposure to the domestic large cap, mid cap, and small cap sectors of the U.S. equity market as well as the developed and emerging sectors of the international marketplace. This equity approach is then combined with a laddered maturity fixed income strategy. Such an approach opens the door for investors with investable assets of 200k-500k to enjoy the advantages of a professionally managed ETF based portfolio. Mr. Azizi uses a disciplined investment process in an effort to achieve each client?s specific financial goals. Mr. Azizi received his B.S. from DePaul University in Finance and Economics, graduating magna cum laude.